Need New Year’s Eve Plans? Ideas for Last Minute Plans

Finding New Year’s Eve plans can be difficult. Often times, it depends on where you are in the world. Not every city celebrates the same. People in New York City celebrate differently than those in Dublin or Spain. Those near or living in NYC¬†have the advantage of watching the ball drop in person, or if you’re in a large city in general, your community might be putting something together for residents. There are far more ideas than simply going out to a restaurant or a bar for the evening. If you’re still looking for plans, there’s still a handful of last minute opportunities to take advantage of to ring in the New Year.

Throw a Last Minute House Party

One of the easiest last minute New Year’s Eve plans is to throw a simple house party for friends and family. If you’re truly at a loss for what you want to do this New Year’s, why not invite over your closest friends to share a few rounds of drinks? This can also be an affordable alternative to going out. All you truly need is a decent Spotify playlist, some grocery-bought snacks, and champagne to cheers to the New Year. Or, you can choose to do a little bit of New Year’s cooking for your friends.

New Year's Eve Party

Throw a last minute house party with your closest friends.

Attend a Comedy Show

Why not laugh your way into the New Year? Comedy shows are fun and exciting. Do a bit of research and search around for a comedian that appeals to you. If you’re in London, Bill Bailey will be at the Vaudeville Theatre. You can get tickets at this website. Chicago, Illinois is also a popular city for shows. There are a lot of comedy events in Chicago happening on New Year’s Eve to consider attending.

Enjoy New Year’s Eve Ice Skating

Whether you’ve had the chance to ice skate this holiday season or not, it’s still a great idea for New Year’s plans if you don’t want to feel stuck inside all night. Major cities have some of the prettiest outdoor ice rinks surrounded by beautiful twinkling holiday lights. If you’re near or located in these cities, check out the ice rinks. Bring family, friends, or even a significant other for a romantic NYE night out.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Barcelona, Spain

Go to a Concert

You can ring in the New Year by dancing and singing along to a favorite band. Or, you can enjoy the sounds of a community symphony. Check your town’s website for any local concerts or research¬†concerts happening at nearby cities. You can begin your research at Ticket Master.

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