Waterfront Restaurants Near Longboat Key, FL

Longboat Key is one of the most picturesque towns in all of Florida. It’s basically a paradise for people who appreciate the magnificence of water. If you want to take full advantage of the charms of water in this laid-back town, then you should look into all of its finest choices in waterfront restaurants. There are several, too. So pack your bags, pick out the perfect Longboat Key vacation rental and try out one of these awesome restaurants!

Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the biggest draws for all foodies who visit Longboat Key for recreation and beyond. It’s a seafood eatery that has an old-fashioned feel to it. It’s situated within a structure that’s been in existence since the beginning of the twentieth century, too. If you want to have a fantastic experience in a restaurant that’s basically a blast from the past, this one will accommodate you well. Standout dishes that are on the menu at Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant are salmon lettuce wraps, roasted sweet potatoes, veggie burgers, lobster quesadillas, cauliflower steak and swordfish curry.

Dry Dock Waterfront Grill

An easygoing dining establishment that’s situated right in front of the bay. It’s associated with all sorts of tasty seafood delights, too. If you’re a fan of spending time outdoors, you may want to dine on the patio right by the dock. Some of the foods that are on the menu at Dry Dock Waterfront Grill are bacon-wrapped scallops, fish and chips, lobster bites, salmon sandwiches, steamed mussels, corn and crab chowder and chicken sandwiches.

Chart House

A superb restaurant choice for people who are searching for sophisticated settings. If you’re keen on steaks, then this place will make you feel like a million dollars. It’s also great for seafood lovers of all varieties. Some of the delectable items that are on the menu at Chart House are coconut crunchy shrimp, Thai island shrimp, baked stuffed shrimp, filet mignon and spiced salmon. The menu is both eclectic and varied.

The Lazy Lobster

Another tradition in Longboat Key is The Lazy Lobster. It’s beloved among individuals who reside in the community. It’s beloved among visitors to it as well. The interior design scheme is terrific for people who are sea enthusiasts. Meals that are on the menu include chilled ahi tuna, coconut shrimp, seafood gumbo and veal parmigiana. People who are big on sweets won’t be able to turn their backs on desserts like tiramisu and chocolate mousse.

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