Water Adventures in Negril, Jamaica

Located on the western coast of Jamaica, Negril is home to the aptly named Seven Mile beach. Literally seven miles of beautiful white sand and turquoise waters. It has been ranked in the top ten beaches in the Caribbean. It’s no surprise that this resort town hosts some of the most exciting and adventure-filled water activities! Here is a list of the top five water activities in Negril.


For all the adrenalin junkies, Rick’s Cafe is the go-to spot for adventure seekers. Perched on top a 35-foot cliff, Rick’s Cafe is famous for exhilarating, heart-pounding cliff jumping. If braving the cliffs is not your cup of tea, you can watch locals perform death-defying stunts from as high as 80 feet! Visitors flock to this location not only for the adrenalin rush but for the stunning views of the sunset.


Want to go horseback riding with a twist?! No problem mon! Chukka Caribbean Adventures offers a unique horseback riding experience. Visitors are treated to a scenic tour of the Jamaican countryside on horseback. The tour concludes with a swim atop your horse, through the warm waters of the Caribbean sea. A tutorial is provided at the beginning of the ride, so no experience necessary.

scuba diving


Negril is home to a 2 mile protected coral reef that boasts a plethora of multi-colored fish. From graceful angelfish to elegant seahorses, you’ll have a chance to see it all. Visitors have the option of either snorkeling or scuba diving. Immerse yourself in Negril’s deep-sea oasis. Explore bottomless caves and see exotic marine life. If you plan on staying at Skylark Negril Beach Resort, these activities are complementary and just a short boat ride from the resort!


If you’re looking for some family fun in the sun, Kool Runnings Adventure Park offers just that, and a whole lot more. You can start with their 2 person fiberglass kayak ride, where you can cruise the canal to see beautiful wetland wildlife. Make your way to the largest slide in the park, the Jamaica Bobsled ride. Dedicated to the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, this twisting tube ride can be done solo, as a duo or even as a trio!


Chukka Caribbean Adventures has made the list again! Float leisurely along the Great River and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding landscape. Experience the flora and fauna along the way and if you’re lucky you might see some local wildlife. Hold on as the current picks up and carries you downstream. Get ready for the rapids!

Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or as a family; Negril has a lot of water activities to suit all ages. So pack your sunscreen, grab your safety gear and prepare to get wet!

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