Visiting Istanbul, Turkey: An Experience to Remember

Istanbul, Turkey

My husband and I love going on holidays. We really enjoy our time together and never miss an opportunity to get away from our routine and relax somewhere nice. We are also quite the explorers and really like to go places where we can gain some cultural knowledge about the destination we have chosen. That is the reason we have decided to visit Istanbul, Turkey.

I have seen many Turkish soap operas that were filmed in Istanbul and really wanted to visit the place. My husband also wanted to visit the city that spreads on two continents and so we started our research. We had chosen to go on a city break and get one of the available holiday packages as we didn’t know the place and it seemed logical to us to book everything together the transport, the hotel, the food and also all the excursions to the most interesting and historic places in the big city. We chose a couple of different agencies and started weighing the pros and cons of each so we could make the most informed decision.

First we looked at the transport. We really wanted to go by plane and not by bus so we shortlisted the agencies that would offer this type of transport. Then we wanted the hotel to be in the city center so if we wanted to go on our own we would not get lost and would be able to be independent. The last of our requirements was to have the meals included in the price as we wanted to be on the safe side in case we didn’t have time to eat somewhere in the city after a long tiring day full of sightseeing. The holiday package we chose was definitely not the cheapest but out of all holiday packages we have looked at it was the best for us. This is the most important thing to take into consideration when going on a holiday the cheapest package will not always satisfy all your wishes.

Once we arrived in Istanbul we knew we had made the right choice. The city is breathtaking. It is so glamorous and cosmopolitan that it just leaves you speechless. When we arrived we had a panoramic tour around Istanbul which was included in the price. The panoramic tour takes you around the whole of Istanbul and the tour guide shows you the most visited and historically important places. We made a shortlist of all the places we wanted to go and see in detail and later on upon our return in the hotel we book all the relevant excursions. That same day we had time to explore the city on our own and try some of the local cuisine. We were impressed by the infrastructure of Istanbul and delighted to find out how delicious the food was.

For the rest of our holiday, we kept on exploring everything and kept on eating locally rather than in the hotel. We visited all the places we had earlier marked on our want-to-visit list and took some fabulous memories back home. We were very glad that we had chosen this specific tour agency as we were extremely happy with the service provided. We could not see everything we wanted to see as we were in Istanbul only for two days, but are already making plans to return as soon as we can. And I think we will use one of the offered holiday packages again.

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