Visit These Beautiful Botanical and Public Gardens in West Palm Beach, FL

When most people travel to Florida, they’re most likely looking to get away from it all at the beach. West Palm Beach’s offers more than just pristine beaches for relaxing the day away, but lush botanical and public gardens to explore during your vacation. You’ll find some of the best hideaways and places to explore when you visit the area.

Mounts Botanical Garden of Palm Beach County has over 20 gardens to experience. Each garden has a unique theme and tells a living story. The Mounts also inspires Palm Beach County homeowners to plant their garden in whatever space they have because all 23 gardens at this botanical museum are growing in only 14 acres.

The newest exhibit is the Garden of Tranquility. As the name implies, it was developed to highlight harmony with plants, bamboo, and manicured sandy gravel. It has a Zen feel to it.

Experience the sensation of walking on water in the Windows on the Floating World. This Mount’s garden has a four-foot path that meanders by lilies, waterfalls, and you will see birds gingerly floating on the water and maybe a Koi fish feeding.

A meadow of flowers attracts visitors and bees to the Butterfly Garden. The Edible Garden changes with the seasons. Fruit trees, herbs, and vegetables are on display all year round. For shaded patio ideas, explore the Zimmerman Shade Garden and see plants specifically designed to thrive in low light conditions.

The Rose and Fragrance Garden is a sensory delight with the smell of roses in the air mixed with a rainbow of colors. If you want to experience even more colors, walk through the Rainbow Garden and see hues of blues and greens offset with purples and orange. With each season comes another original masterpiece.

Other gardens located in Mounts Botanical are:

  • The Begonia Garden
  • Children’s Maze
  • Gazebo Garden
  • Mediterranean Garden

Another garden spot to see sub-tropical plants is The Four Arts Botanical Gardens. The relaxing environment teaches visitors what types of the landscape will tolerate the West Palm Beach climate.

One of the original gardens is the Moonlight Garden, which is all white colored bushes and plants. There is a Chinese garden, a rose garden, and a jungle themed garden. Stop by and listen to the fountain to end a peaceful day.

Unbelievable Acres Botanic Garden is a rainforest in West Palm Beach, FL. Created by Gene Joyner, it has been lovingly developed from seeds to trees. Joyner brought the seeds back himself with the proper authorities. Some of the varieties you will see are Starfruit, banana trees, Lychee, and Jackfruit.

If you’re looking for a place to stay to complete your trip to West Palm Beach’s botanical gardens, consider staying at Casa Grandview. This beautiful boutique hotel is located in a tropical hideaway setting so you can immerse yourself in the beauty of West Palm Beach.

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