Top Things to Do at Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park, located in the state of Washington was founded by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in 1909, originally called Mount Olympus National Monument, then later changed when President Franklin Roosevelt claimed it a national park. It is an International Biosphere Reserve with four basic regions: the Pacific coastline, alpine areas, the west side temperate rainforest and the forest of the east side. Each region has something special to offer to tourists who choose to venture out and explore the park. Here are some of the most popular things to do at Olympic National Park.

Explore the trails of Hurricane Ridge. This is the mountainous area in the region with the easiest access. When the weather is clear, the views are remarkable. Wildflowers cover the mountain meadows during the summer. Hurricane Ridge is located about 17 miles south of Port Angeles directly on Hurricane Ridge Road. During the summer, the road is open, and there are certain times during the night when it’s closed in the winter. Going for a bike ride or simply hiking the many trails is a wonderful experience.

Take in the views of Ruby Beach. Cloudy, rainy, or sunny, this beach offers amazing and spectacular views. The beach is sprinkled with sea stacks and tide pools. Remarkably, many people can even lay on the smooth rock bed that lines the coast–the rocks’ edges are so smooth, they’re even safe¬†to walk or lay on. The beach is truly a natural area, one with captivating views. Whether the skies are vibrantly blue or the clouds hang low with a layer of fog over the ocean, Ruby Beach is certainly a sight to see.

Visit Olympic National Forest. This forest is full of diverse wildlife and plant life. It’s a perfect hiking area. With the misty, foggy feel, it sets a backdrop for a perefct rainforest hiking excursion. Or, opt for a car ride through the woodland and take in the breathtaking views. However you choose to explore the forest, the trip is definitely worth it.

About the Author: Terri is a guest contributor from George Washington Inn, a Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast near Sequim and Olympic National Park.

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