Top Things To Do in Brooklyn, NY

New York is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the United States. It is a place that people dream about visiting because it is full of things to do. Brooklyn is one of the top cities that tourists tend to visit in New York. Brooklyn is full of underground wonders, beautiful parks, and plenty of opportunities to people watch. If you are planning on visiting Brooklyn, here is a guide of the top things to do there.

Brooklyn Bridge

When you visit Brooklyn, you have to visit the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge stretches all the way to Manhattan. Guests can take a guided bike or walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can also do a running tour across the Brooklyn Bridge. Sometime during the tour, you should take a break from biking or walking to take pictures. The Brooklyn Bridge is a great photo opportunity.

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Coney Island

There is plenty of things to do at Coney Island. With beaches, amusement parks, and a boardwalk, it is typical to spend a full day at Coney Island. There is even an aquarium at Coney Island that is is a popular attraction to visit. A popular part of Coney Island that people visit is Luna Park. Popular things to do at Luna Park include riding the Coney Island Cyclone and catching the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. If you get hungry during your visit to Coney Island, get a Nathan’s Famous Coney Island hot dog to fill you up.

Brooklyn Museum

Located at the borough of Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Museum. The museum has historical and artistic pieces from different parts of the world such as Africa and Europe. They have events at the museum that happen at different times throughout the year. If you plan on stopping at the Brooklyn Museum on your visit, they are open from Wednesday-Sunday from 11am-6pm.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Close to the Brooklyn Museum is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Just like the museum, the Brooklynn Botanic Garden offers different events for guests to enjoy. To get into the garden it is $12 for adults, $6 for children over 12, and free for children under 12. They have separate gardens for the flowers that are in bloom and for certain collections of flowers such as the Japanese-Hill-and-Pond Garden and the Rose Garden. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has different hours throughout the year so be sure to check their hours around the time you visit.

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Flea Market Shopping

For all of the foodies out there, there is a food flea market in Brooklyn. It is located in a beautiful spot to do some shopping amoungst over 100 food vendors at the Smorgasburg. If you are looking to squeeze this amazing market into your trip schedule, this flea foodie market is placed in different locations and is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-6pm.



About the Author: Drake is a guest author from A Home In Brooklyn, a bed and breakfast on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, New York.

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