The Top 5 Museums to Explore in Cape Cod, MA

If you and your family will be visiting Cape Cod soon, there are a number of museums in the area that you can visit. While the area is known for its beaches, lighthouses and foods like ice cream and lobster, there are a number of historic and creative venues to explore as well. These museums offer an educational and entertaining experience that will make your trip interesting and rewarding. 

Cape Cod Children’s Museum

This museum provides a number of fun activities that kids of all ages will enjoy. There are several exhibits at the museum that encourage children to touch and feel the textures of the displays. There are lots of music exhibits that prompt creative movement, and you and your family can learn about science and art during the museum visit. Of course, adults are encouraged to participate in the exhibits as well and play with their children as they have an educational and enjoying experience.

Heritage Museums and Gardens

This venue is 100 acres and provides fun for the entire family. There are beautiful gardens on site and three galleries that showcase the art that is specific to the area. The grounds also include a vintage carousel and you’ll see some of the automobiles that were popular in past decades. The gardens also feature the most comprehensive compilation of hydrangeas in the United States, as well as herbs, heathers and daylilies.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

This museum is a collection of artwork that is associated with the area, which can help visitors better understand the history and natural beauty of Cape Cod. There are outreach programs on site, as well as educational seminars that will teach you more about the portraits and sculptures that you see. Check out their website for information on upcoming events and exhibits.

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

There are several natural artifacts at the museum; there are exhibits for both children and adults, as well as lectures and classes and interactive exhibits that will give you a hands-on understanding of the creative works that make Cape Cod unique. You and your family can even arrange to take field trips sponsored by the museum or watch films that explain the history of art in the region.

Sandwich Glass Museum

This museum is run by the Sandwich Historical Society and features the Glass Museum, which collects artifacts from the Town of Sandwich that are made of glass and tell the story of the area. You’ll be able to see the glass firing oven so that you can watch a glassblower make signature pieces, and you can tour beautiful glass collections that indicate the art trends of past decades.


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