Tips for Travelling With Your Pet

You are anticipating travel but hate the thought of separating from your pet. It should be welcoming news to learn this isn’t always a dilemma pet owners must contend with anymore. A number of getaway possibilities now allow for delightful travel with your non-human family members right beside you. Planning is the key to avoiding frustrating pet travel mishaps. Here are a few suggestions to assist with keeping your trip smooth and enjoyable for all involved.
Destination Diligence
Be sure to contact accommodation and activity sites that your pet is likely to accompany you to, in advance. Spontaneously showing up with your pet could spell trip disaster if you arrive merely to find out that pets are not allowed.

Research the area of your travel, making note of where grooming shops and veterinary emergency service providers are located. Fleas, ticks, mud and health issues are impartial to our travels, so prudently plan for handling any urgency’s. That said, be sure to pack your pet’s records and any medications your pet may use and have them ready in case the need arises.

Transportation Safety
Pets should always be kept inside of a moving vehicle. Properly restrained in a crate or safety harness in the back seat of the vehicle is the safest place. Pets should not be permitted to hang their heads out of windows, as they may be injured by moving debris or can suffer lung issues caused by cold air pressure. By all means, never carry a pet outside of your vehicle.

Rest Stops
Keeping your pet hydrated is important. Opt for bottled water to avoid tummy issues for your pet. Before and during travel, keep your pets meals light and only feed during rest stops.

Stopping regularly permits your pet to be able to potty and get some exercise. Be sure that before your pet exits from the car that collars with ID tags and leashes are secure. Never leave your pet alone in a vehicle. Even on a mildly warm day, a car can become an oven and on a cold day, a car becomes a refrigerator. Exposure to extreme temperatures can be lethal to your loved ones if left inside and is never worth the risk.

Ask Questions
If you’re planning to travel by other modes of transportation, customer service professionals of the travel provider or your travel agent can address concerns and pet travel tips for that particular mode of transport. If there is any way of keeping your pet with you on board any travel mode, insist on doing so.

For most pet owner’s, their non-human companions are an extension of their family. Proper planning can ensure that your next trip goes off without a hitch, unless of course your pet happens to be a horse. Safe travels!

About the Author: Tina is a guest contributor from GetAway Vacations, offering beautiful Killington vacation rentals.

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