Tips for First Time Snorkelers

Snorkeling is an experience unlike any other. It’s an enjoyable experience with wonderful creatures and magnificant colors. The sport itself is very easy, yet many new comers to the activity are often swept up in fear and uncomfort. There’s little knowledge about the depths of the ocean, and the fear about the dangers and conditions of the ocean is certainly a real thing to be scared about. Many first time snorkelers have poor first experiences, which is no fun. However, snorkeling is safe, exciting, and fun, once everything else is behind you.┬áHere are a few things to remember if you’re a first time snorkeler:

1. Find Correctly-Fitted Equipment
Get a dry snorkel and fins that fit. You don’t want fins that are too loose or too tight, because then they may hurt during your experience, which will make you even more uncomfortable. You don’t want to lose your fins either. Remember that feet often shrink in colder water, so you snug fit is your best option to prepare for your shrinking feet.

2. Practice First
If you’re planning to be a hardcore snorkeler or even one for the experience of it, it’s best to practice in a pool or a shallow beach first. This way, you can be sure that your equipment fits correctly and that you are comfortable in it. Check if your mask leaks or if your fins are snug.

3. Read Up on the Ocean’s Conditions
It’s key to understand the conditions of the ocean, whether it’s warm waters or cold, or if there are any currents to be cautious of. Understanding these key elements will reduce first timer’s fear and also teach you about the safety measures needed.

4. Appreciate the Sport
Going into the activity with a good attitude will help first timers in the long run. Snorkeling can be a therpeutic, exciting, once in a lifetime experience that’s worth definitely worth the experience.

About the Author: Liz is a guest contributor for Block Island Inns, offering rooms in a small bed and breakfast to a large Victorian hotel on the coast of Rhode Island.

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