Tampa Sunsets

Looking Through the Palm Trees as the Sun Sets Over Tampa Bay Beach

The great state of Florida is known as the sunshine state–aptly named for both the daytime solar play opportunities as well as late-evening sunsets. After spending some time in Tampa I’ve compiled a list of locations that will really show you the splendor of Florida’s magical sunsets.


John Chestnut Park:

OK, so JC Park is not technically in Tampa itself, but it’s close enough (just 30 minutes away) and WAY too good of an opportunity to leave off this list.  The park is located at 2200 East Lake Road, Tarpon Springs, FL and the drive itself out to see the sunset it well worth the time it takes to get there. There is a boat ramp available (see my next section on boats) with a tower immediately adjacent where you can see a 360 degree view of a beautiful sunset.  It is especially nice if you get there before sunset and take a walk on the many bridge trails that run around inside of the park. You’ll be able to see an amazing variety of animals, like birds, deer, and if you’re lucky (or unlucky – depends on your stance) an alligator or two. The view from the tower is simply amazing, and you’ll really appreciate your time in Tampa Florida once you’ve seen it from this amazing vantage point.


The Parking Garage at the Tampa International Airport:

Tampa Airport Parking MapParking garage?  That might not appear to be a romantic place to watch a sunset but Tampa’s own airport has one of the best places to enjoy the setting sun. TIA offers an hour of free parking for dropping off your friends or family at departure, but you can take advantage of this when you’re wanting a sweeping view of Tampa and a killer sunset. Go just before sundown and you can witness one of the most stellar views the city has to offer … as long as you don’t mind seeing take offs and landings while you marvel in the splendor that is a Florida sunset.


Treasure Island Beach:

I’ve seen sunsets on a lot of beaches in the Tampa Bay area but, by far, I’ve definitely experienced some of the most beautiful of these sunsets on Treasure Island Beach near St. Petersburg, Florida.  Head down to one of the many hotels you can park across from, such as the Bilmar, and walk onto the beach to see a less populated, gorgeous view of the sun setting. It is a better view if you can walk around and really take in the whole experience – gulls flying overhead, the waves crashing at your feet, multicolored clams burrowing themselves into the sand, dune grass blowing in the wind. It really is a wonderful experience, and an especially nice place to bring your family or your love interest.


Out on a boat:

Pontoon Boat at SunsetRemember that boat launch I mentioned in the John Chestnut Park?  Yeah…this is why.  The A-#1 most amazing way to see a Florida sunset, in my opinion, is on a boat.  If you’re lucky enough, it can be your own boat.  Or, if you’re really really lucky, it could be a close friend’s vessel.  (That way you don’t have any of the costs of owning a boat but you can still get out on the water when you like.  Try and find somebody that’s got a nice pontoon boat from Manitou Boats if you can.  😉 Their manufactures website is manitouboats.com  This is the path which will lead you to experience some of the most breathtaking sunset views.  Open water provides a great canvas upon which the sunset can paint itself and the calm peacefulness of being alone on the water at sunset is a second-to-none experience.  If you’re “friends with boats” options are limited, you can also book a sunset cruise through many different providers around the Tampa Bay area.



I hope I’ve convinced you that Florida is an amazing place to experience incredibly beautiful sunsets….especially in and around Tampa. You can check out our sidebar widget for an accurate listing of sunset and sunrise times so you can be sure to get to your favorite location when a great sunset opportunity pops up.

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