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The Bahamas: A Whole Other World

You can get away. You can escape. You can leave your mundane work-a-day world in the rear view mirror and settle down in a new and better universe. You might feel like it’s utterly impossible to start fresh somewhere new. You might believe that you are shackled to where you are by chains of routine, […]

What Makes a Good Hotel

While on a vacation, there are only a few things more frustrating than having to deal with a hotel that is dirty, too expensive, or staffed with unhelpful people. Your trip away from home is supposed to help you relax and enjoy yourself, which can end up being impossible with a poor choice of hotel. […]

Mastering the Art of Hotel Tipping

Tipping in hotels

Who should you tip? How much is too much? What services have you been missing? How much cash should you bring into the Albuquerque hotel so you’re ready to reward every helper?¬†Unfortunately, much of this is relative to you. Tipping is a social nicety to reward the good help of those that take time to […]

Dining in Savannah: An Insider’s Guide

Savannah, Georgia is home to beautiful architecture, gorgeous landscaping, and traditional Southern hospitality. It’s a great place to visit as a family, as a couple, or with a group of friends! Whether you’re here for the sights or maybe more for the smells and tastes, there’s definitely plenty to delight in Savannah. BREAKFAST J. Christophers, […]

5 Vacation Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

The world is full of beautiful sites and magical places, and each summer millions travel the world to catch a glimpse of these many wonders. Every traveler has a bucket list of must-see destinations far and wide, but it seems that a lot of these lists overlap. For the more adventurous traveler seeking something new, […]

Convenient Travel Options- 4 Reasons To Choose Airport Shuttles

When you are travelling in most regions, booking a reliable shuttle will help to ensure that you reach your destination fast and conveniently. The airport shuttles offer many benefits and whether you are travelling on business or for pleasure, you can ensure that your trip is smooth. There are several reasons to use the shuttle services.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a Muslim Emirate and UAE is a Muslim country, but it is one of the most liberal in the entire Middle East. With that said, there are many things to consider for safe travel in Dubai. You need to avoid some blunder to ensure you don’t offend the local people. Here are some […]