Staying at a Bed and Breakfast vs. Vacation Rental

When you go on vacation, one of the main decisions is deciding where you want to stay. Do you stay in a hotel? A bed and breakfast? What about a cottage? The options are endless, but it also depends on where you are heading. A big city vacation will likely require you to stay in a hotel. A small town or beach vacation might allude to a small beach rental. Or a small village might have plenty of inns to choose from.

A very popular retreat right now is staying at a bed and breakfast or opting for a vacation rental. Each have their perks and are good for a variety of reasons. If you’re stumped on whether to stay at a nice bed and breakfast or a rent a vacation home, consider these key factors when deciding:

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast offers an array of amenities. Typically, they’re great for smaller families or a couple’s retreat as bed and breakfasts are a one-room deal, unless you choose to book multiple rooms. With a bed and breakfast, you have the feel of a home, making it much more familiar than if you were staying at a hotel. The cozy feel of a bed and breakfast makes everything much more comfortable–with a kitchen right downstairs preparing homemade meals–breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some with tea time. Choosing an inn is like staying with another family.

Choosing a Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are much more secluded than a bed and breakfast. While they might usually offer the same amenities of a bed and breakfast with special packages, vacation rentals provide an immense amount of privacy. It’s like moving away to a cottage for a few days to get away from your home life. Vacation rentals are also incredibly suitable for a larger family. Vacation homes, like bed and breakfasts, are well-furnished and comfortable, as well.

At the end of the day, choosing a place to stay is all dependent on your needs and where you will feel most comfortable at. Call ahead and inquire about amenities, accommodations, and special packages offered at the bed and breakfast or vacation home.

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