St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Nashville

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday where you can dress up in all shades of green, find pieces of gold or look for rainbows. While most people won’t really find gold, it’s fun to play along with the events that take place on the holiday in Nashville. There is a bit of something for the entire family to enjoy across the city whether you like a quiet atmosphere or one that involves music and mugs of beer.

Lucky ‘Stache Bash

This event takes place over the course of March 15 to the 17, giving you plenty of time to enjoy good food, drinks and music. It’s a festival that happens right in the center of Nashville. You’ll hear all kinds of music and can enjoy green beer throughout the Lucky ‘Stache Bash event. You do have to be 21 to attend.

St. Patrick’s Day Festival

The festival is catered toward families as there are vendors who set up tables and tents, selling everything from food to arts and crafts. There is plenty of music of all kinds along with beer as well. There is only one rule for the event, and that is to wear as much green as you want! There are a few games for the kids to play and special events for adults to take part in, such as singing competitions.

Bar Crawl!

If you like drinking, then this is a fun event for St. Patrick’s Day. You can go to four different bars to get a variety of beers and other drinks that you enjoy. There are a few green beverages included as well. There is a photo hunt involved where you have to search for the location that is in a picture. When you get to the location, you get a special prize. Two Bits and Dawg House are included in the event.

St. Puppy’s Day

Puppies and dogs deserve to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day as well. This is an event where dogs of all ages and sizes can dress up in green and walk along the streets to show their love for leprechauns, rainbows and more. Enter your pet in the parade before letting your furry friend play in the special area with balls and other toys.

With all of these fun events, you can see that St. Patrick’s Day is a blast in Nashville. And, since it is on a Friday this year there are celebrations all weekend long, which makes it perfect for a weekend trip getaway. If you are planning on coming down and need a place to stay, Playlist Properties offers a variety of vacation rentals and condos that are near all these St. Patrick’s Day activities and more. Plan your trip down today, and don’t forget to wear your green!
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