Spending a Family Vacation in Groveland, California

If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous family vacation, then Groveland, California may be the hidden gem you’re looking for. Although small in size, Groveland is a hub for families that are traveling to Yosemite, but yet it offers plenty of activities on-site.


Many families decide to stay in Groveland hotels instead of going into the Yosemite National Park because Groveland offers more conveniences. The largest town between Yosemite and Sonora, it is one of the last place to find gas, food, coffee, and other goods. It offers several great hotels and B & B’s, including two historic ones called the Groveland Hotel, which hosts outdoor concerts throughout the summer, and the Hotel Charlotte.

Things to Do in Groveland, CA

Groveland-Yosemite Gateway Museum

This area of California is one of the most beautiful areas in the west, and there are many notable activities to take part in. First, if you want to learn about the area, there is the Groveland-Yosemite Gateway Museum. It offers interactive displays and activities for kids. People of all ages can learn about gold mining, past inhabitants, and the history of Groveland and Yosemite.

Rainbow Pool

Secondly, for some free family fun, visit Rainbow Pool. There you can find a glistening waterfall and a shimmering dipping pool. Get there in June for a nice, warm swim and some beautiful site-seeing.

White Water Rafting

If you’re up for some heart-racing adventure, try out ARTA White Water Rafting. Listed on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Things To Do in Groveland, many families say this is the highlight of their trip and they’ll be sure to do it again. ARTA has a fabulous and informative staff that make white water rafting exciting and safe.


Other things for families to do include visiting the Iron Door Saloon and Grill. Decked out like a saloon of the Old West, you can sit back, relax and hear live entertainment while you eat and drink. During the day or evening you can also visit the Mary Laveroni Community Park. There is plenty of parking and picnic tables. Enjoy a game of frisbee or watch the kids skate at the small skate park.

Groveland is definitely an option for lodging and fun if you’re planning a family vacation. You can purchase all the goods that you need before heading into Yosemite and also use the ATM if needed. Plus, there is a clinic in Groveland if you happen to need medical help. Plan your family vacation and include the historic town of Groveland in your travels. This family-friendly quaint town will be sure to leave you satisfied.

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