Spend a Day at the Santa Fe Railyard

Railroading never goes out of style and neither do avid lovers of all things railroad. One top U.S. railroad sight to see is the Sante Fe Railyard in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Within sight of the famous Sante Fe railroad, visitors can spend a day awash in Sante Fe’s rail history, dating back to the late 1880s.

Things to Do at the Sante Fe Railyard
The Sante Fe Railyard is fun for families, couples, and individuals who want an opportunity to bask in the profusion of sunshine in this famous city.

Sante Fe’s officials realized railroad history combined with food, events and outdoor trails expose visitors to the beauty of historic buildings, iconic landscapes and the Sante Fe arts New Mexico is known for.

The Sante Fe Rail Trail offers visitors a chance to drink in the essence of railroads that are so important to the city. The Rail Trail is paved and lies parallel to the Railway line that is within view. Visitors can also stop in at the El Museo Cultural Museum, a treasure trove of Hispanic history of this region.

Arts Aplenty in Sante Railyard
Sante Fe is widely known across the US for its many artists and sculptors. The Sante Fe Railyard offers visitors a chance to peruse several contemporary and fine art galleries. Visitors always stop at the Sante Fe Artists Market.

While spending a day at the Sante Fe Railyard, another feature to see is the Railyard Performance Center where visitors discover Contemporary and African Dance, performance events, and yoga.

More Fascinating Features of the Sante Fe Railyard
Another interesting feature of the Sante Fe Railyard is the William Siegel Gallery. Visitors can view contemporary art, ancient textiles and other artifacts that fascinate the imagination.

Hungry for More?
After a day of sightseeing at the Sante Fe Railyard, hungry visitors have their choice of a modern tea house/cafe/greenhouse at Opuntia in the Baca District. For coffee lovers, there is Caveman Coffee with its single original Paleo coffee that’s irresistible, also located in the Baca District of the Sante Fe Railyard.

Visitors never miss the Boxcar Sante Fe Restaurant, the all-around food, drink, music, sports and event place to be. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night meals.

Add Sante Fe Railyard to a Travel Itinerary
Local and state visitors and travelers passing through know the Sante Fe Railyard is a relaxing way to spend a day. IF you’re looking to stay in the city for more than a day, Four Kachinas Inn is a great place to stay in downtown Santa Fe.

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