Sorting Through the Hotels Near Disneyland

When it comes time to planning a vacation, you should consider your needs as well as your wants. There are a plethora of hotels near Disneyland and, based on your family situation, they type of vacation you’re taking, and your budget, you’ll pick a very different hotel from others planning their trips. Make a list of the things you want and need before you start shopping around so you end up in the best place for you and your family.

Family Size

Size matters, especially when it comes to your family. While a family of four can reasonably stay in a room with two king-sized beds a family of six would be miserable and a family of two would be overwhelmed and pay too much for their stay. Your first step is to determine how many people are going and how many rooms you will need. While your family may be fine with adjoining rooms do you really want your mother-in-law to have that kind of access? Or, would you feel more comfortable with her on the other side of the hallway?

If you’re the ones making plans then feel free to usher her a few doors down especially if she has a hard time when the kids wake up in the night or if they are noisy in the morning. That extra bubble of space can mean the difference between a vacation and an endurance test.

Vacation Type

Thousands of people plan their honeymoons to Disneyland every year. It is a magical place to spend those first few days as husband and wife and just let go after the stress of planning a wedding and managing the family. While you’re on your honeymoon, you’ll want to be in a hotel that has a honeymoon suite. Or, you’ll want to ask for a space for couples rather than families.

Since you might spend mornings lounging in the room for quite some time, you’ll want a hotel with room service at all hours. You’ll also want a fitness area so you can keep up on your workouts. And don’t forget a pool or hot tub where you can spend hours laying in the sun. Most families will spend the day away from the pool and you and your spouse will have it all to yourself.

On the flip side, if you are have a family, you’ll want to make sure there is a place close by to get breakfast. The last thing you need is hungry kids when you’re trying to tromp across the park first thing in the morning. You’ll also want a laundry facility. Think of how often you use your washer at home because of spills, grass stains or accidents. Being prepared to do at least one load of wash while you’re away from home can mean the difference between throwing an outfit away, packing a stinky outfit home, and washing it out without a problem.

Your Budget

Generally speaking, the closer you get to Disneyland, the more expensive the hotels are going to be. When you’re comparing destinations be sure to ask if they have a shuttle service to the park and if you can purchase or pick up your park tickets from hotels near Disneyland. Being able to get your tickets before you arrive will save you precious time.

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