Tips On Planning A Safari Trip To Africa

I have come across countless people who have a passion for safari travel, but often just don’t know how to go about it. Of course the first place to turn to when thinking of a memorable safari is the continent of Africa. It is a place rich with the right weather and the right animals for such a trip. This is why thousands of people flock to the vast wildernesses of Africa each year in search of that perfect safari experience. Going on an African safari is not a piece of cake- particularly for first timers. There are many things to consider- with a top priority being accessibility.

Apart from accessibility, travelers also must consider weather patterns informed by seasons of the year, gear, locations and even disease. Disease is an important consideration simply because there are lots of tropical and safari diseases in Africa such as malaria. In this regard, all precautions must be taken ahead of time to ensure that one is properly vaccinated and immune from many of these diseases.

Turning back to accessibility, you should remember that travel to Africa is not always a straight forward affair.┬áIt isn’t called an adventure for nothing! Stories of cancelled and delayed flights are sometimes just part of the package. Easily accessible countries that offer beautiful safari experiences include Kenya and Botswana. Kenya is easily reachable by direct flights from most major cities of the world. The same applies to other countries in East and Southern Africa.

Once successfully on the ground, experienced travelers often rely on rented 4×4 trucks to traverse the often challenging terrain of the different African countries. Botswana is also very interesting and fairly accessible via Johannesburg, South Africa. The country is a fairly coveted tourist destination. One interesting safari destination popular with western travelers is up in Kasane on the northern tip of Botswana. Places to visit up in Kasane include the popular Chobe Safari Lodge. The lodge has diverse animals and marine life along the Chobe River which finally feeds into the mighty Zambezi River.

It is important to note that most experienced safari travelers to Africa also tend to travel in groups hopping from one country to another. This model of safari travel is ideal as there is always safety in numbers. Further, by hopping from one country to another travelers will be ensuring that they visit as many countries as possible on a single trip to the continent. Through continued research it is possible to finally have the confidence to set out on a safari visit in Africa.

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