Reasons to Visit Small Towns in the Summer

Visiting big flashy cities in the United States is a tradition for many domestic and international summer travel goers. The warm temperatures allow adventurers to explore northern cities like Chicago and New York City to its fullest potential. The skyscrapers, subways, fashion, and ¬†pace of big cities are attractive and enthralling, but summer travelers shouldn’t overlook small town USA. This summer instead of migrating towards a major U.S. city, why not try a small town in your state, here’s why:


Unfortunately a bill for even a day trip to a major city can get into the triple digits rather quickly. Visiting a small town is cheaper in many ways: travel, lodging, transportation, and food.  Instead of staying an expensive hotel with poor service you can stay overnight at a charming bed and breakfast like the Inn On Golden Pond. By visiting a small town you can spend the same amount of cash you would at a big city with triple the rewards. Going to a small town will give you peace of mind to not watch every dime you spend on a summer visit.


Small towns may not have the skyscraper but they will have a clean, comfortable, and attractive downtown that is just as visually appealing as the concrete jungle. Many small towns also have parks and green space throughout the town. Plus you won’t have to worry about pollution if you’re close to a body of water in a small town. Did a mention no weird sewer smells?


Before you visit a small town, check the event list on their website to see if they have any festivals or events coming up. These quaint and historical festivals are unique and have the friendly people supporting their efforts. No corporate infused events or over priced and advertised activities, small towns keep it simple: it’s about the people and the celebration. Here’s a list of some unique small town summer festivals in the Midwest.

Hole in the Wall:

Everyone wants to be the person to brag that they found the “hole in the wall” restaurant that serves the best lasagna or burger. Run away from the corporate chains of the big city and suburbs to search small towns for amazing “hole in the wall” food stops. You can start your food quest by searching food community websites or purchasing Guy Fieri’s “Diner, Drive-ins and Dives”.


The best part about visiting a small town in the summer is the people. After a long winter, small towns celebrate fanatically in the summer with good spirits and cheer. You won’t have to deal with big city rudeness and fully experience what makes American small towns great…it’s friendly, loving, and engaging people.

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