Reasons to Embark on a Transatlantic Cruise

Luxury Cruise Ship

When sailing the ocean waves, one of the more popular journeys is the transatlantic route. Travelers can start in London and make their way to New York or vice versa, spending a week on the sea, enjoying their holiday. Why are these journeys so popular though? What makes people choose a transatlantic tour rather than something with more ports of call and a shorter period of time on board? Here, we will look at four ways in which this is an experience that truly beats the rest.

The Thrill of Adventure

There is something inherently romantic about taking a long voyage from London to New York. After all, this is one way in which people of old traveled, taking their belongings over the vast oceans to start a life anew in a land of promise and dreams. These days, although flying is much more popular. Traveling by ocean liner can be a great way to re-enact this amazing journey, adding a sense of excitement and uniqueness to the trip. Crossing the Atlantic also gives you some perspective as you realize how much effort people had to take when traveling almost a century ago.

Experience Total Luxury

Of course, to make the week-long journey more comfortable, these transatlantic ocean liners are fitted out with a host of luxury amenities. Everything about these vessels aims to pamper and spoil their guests. Here is a short list of what to expect when booking a berth on one of these amazing ships:

  • Exquisitely designed interiors and exteriors
  • Sumptuous restaurants, buffets and grills
  • Personalized service by your very own room steward
  • Health packages such as spas, saunas and massages

All of this and more will be yours to take advantage of while traveling across the Atlantic on your next holiday.

Exciting, New Destinations

While the journey is one that you’ll never forget, the destinations you are heading to will also be truly memorable whether you’re sailing east or west across the waves. If you’ve never been to the UK or USA, these cruises will fill you with wonder as you set off to find out how the other side of the Atlantic lives. Throughout the journey, you can make plans for what you’re going to do once you arrive. You can book a guided tour through the ship’s staff or you can create your own individual itinerary, finding information from the on-board internet access.

An Affordable Way to Travel

Lastly, these lengthy ocean voyages are actually highly cost effective when it comes to the amount you spend per day. Actually flying to these locations and spending the same amount of time in a hotel will set your bank account back far more than booking a berth on a luxury ocean liner. Not only this, but you’ll also get more for the money that you spend as each boat will feature a range of on board facilities and services that you wouldn’t get in a typical hotel. The transatlantic journey is truly a smart choice for the budget-watching traveler.


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