The Best Parks to Visit in Ashland, OR

Ashland, Oregon is a small city located in the southern part of the state. It’s best known for hosting the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but it’s also a place where parks and recreational areas exist in multitude. Hiking trails are abundant and some are even connected to local Ashland bed and breakfasts. From its exquisite trails to its quaint duck ponds and fragrant flower gardens, Ashland is a popular stop when traveling through Oregon. Here are some of the best parks to visit in Ashland, OR:

Lithia Park. Spanning over 100 acres total, Ashland’s largest and most centrally located park is near Mount Ashland. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been since 1982. The park has been awarded the 10 Great Public Spaces in America award in 2014. It is chock full of beautiful sights such as the Butler Perozzi Fountain and the Japanese garden that exists there. The perfect park provides rental space for family get-togethers and weddings. It provides beautiful backdrops for photography, too, for interested parties.

Ashland Creek. The 5.4-mile long creek is part of the larger Bear Creek. It is located 21 miles away from the Rogue River, the larger body of water in the area. As beautiful as it is peaceful, the creek is a favorite attraction in Lithia Park. It provides a steady source of sound for anyone willing to walk beside it or stand to take its beauty in.

North Mountain Park Nature Center. Located next to Bear Creek, this incredible space is a favorite for nature enthusiasts young and old. It provides wide open spaces and incredible walking trails. It is at North Mountain Park Nature Center that you’ll see many different varieties of wildlife. The area welcomes visitors from sunrise to sunset and offers community programs as well as youth education.

Hald/Strawberry Park. Offering a variety of terrain to traverse, this park stretches from Grandview Drive to Strawberry Lane. It is filled with trees as well as beautiful views of the city and the Cascade Mountains. It is pet-friendly and offers a two-acre dog park that is fenced in fully. There is access to water as well as waste bags to do quick clean-up while out and about with your pet.

Ashland, Oregon has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. From expansive parks to beautiful walking and hiking trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the city. If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the area, put it on your to-do list soon!

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