Things to Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a beautiful city located in California with breathtaking views, warm breezes, and plenty to do for the family. It is an ideal vacation spot whether you’re planning a getaway for two or a week-long vacation for the family. The city is sprinkled with delicious restaurants and bars, outdoor activities, and all kinds of shopping. There’s never a shortage on attractions and things to do in the Palm Springs area.

Here are just a few popular attractions to check out on a Palm Springs vacation:

The Palm Springs Air Museum
This history museum is dedicated to educating and informing the public about the role that air power played during wars and America’s past. The exhibits include a wide range of aircraft and warcraft from World War II, Korea, and the Veitnam Wars. This museum is for the history buff and a great place to take children, especially on a rainy or gloomy day.

The Spring Day Spa
A great place to unwind and relax, the Spring Day Spa brings peace and tranquility to your vacation. Visiting a spa at Palm Springs is a must, especially for couples. The spa is famous for its beautiful views of Palm Springs, including the San Jacinto and San Gorgonio Mountains. Whether you want to lounge all day or enjoy a massage, the Spring Day Spa is just one of the many stops in Palm Springs.

Big Wheel Bike Tours
This attraction is certainly for the adventure-seeker and the avid bicyclist. On a nice day in Palm Springs, take a bike tour–the main tour is The Earthquake Canyon Express, which stretches 20 miles ¬†and descends through the San Andreas Fault Zone and into Mecca. This attraction bring beautiful sights and breathtaking views.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
This is one of the most sought-after attractions and the most popular. It’s one of the many ways to enjoy the unique views of the mountain tops and the great outdoors of Palm Springs. The ride lasts 10 minutes but is certainly worth the trip as it begisn at the Valley Station with an elevation of 2,643 feet and ascends thousands more feet to Mountain Station, ending with an elevation of 8,516 feet.

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