Mastering the Art of Hotel Tipping

Tipping in hotels

Who should you tip? How much is too much?

What services have you been missing? How much cash should you bring into the Albuquerque hotel so you’re ready to reward every helper? Unfortunately, much of this is relative to you. Tipping is a social nicety to reward the good help of those that take time to help you.

If their service is bad then you reserve the right to tip low, or not at all. If their service is good, then you tip them according to your heart.

Fortunately, there are decent ranges that you can work off of so you can tip with confidence. The following are a few of the most common ranges to tip your Albuquerque hotel staff should you require any of their services.

First off, if you pull up and ask a valet to take the car to the garage for you, you should tip the driver. The range of acceptable donations run from about two to five dollars.

It’s especially nice to tip on the higher end of that scale when there’s bad weather to work with. Not only does it express an extra measure of gratitude, but it also incentivizes the valet to take special care of the vehicle in bad weather.

Second, if you require the services of a shuttle driver, you can tip them a simple two to three dollars on your way out. In the area of driving you places, it’s hard to give bad service, so picking a standard amount and paying it every time is perfectly acceptable.

Third, tip your bellhop when you get to the room. This tip is based a lot on the number of your bags rather than the service as a whole.

If you’re asking them to carry four bags to the furthest room on the tenth floor, then reward them per bag carried. One to two dollars should be sufficient, but consider more if the bellhop had to take them an extraordinarily long distance.

Fourth, in special circumstances, you’re going to want to tip your doorman. If all he does is grab the door for you, just tip your hat to him.

If he helps you hail a cab or grab some luggage, then reward him with one to four dollars, depending on his level of helpfulness. Consider adding an extra dollar or two if they gave good company while you waited.

Fifth, tip your room service. Tip them like you would a waiter.

Fifteen percent of the bill is standard, but never tip fewer than two dollars. Check beforehand to ensure gratuity isn’t already included (because some Albuquerque hotels include it in the bill).

Sixth and finally, your concierge will get one of the greatest tips out there, but only if they provide exceptional attention (more than providing directions or answering simple questions). If they go above and beyond in their service, then you should try to tip them between five and twenty-five dollars.

Following these tips will help you give proper amounts of gratuity for services rendered. Fortunately, you can plan how much cash to have on you based on the number of services you’re going to ask for.

Plan beforehand what services you will order in. Add the suggested amounts up and carry a bit more than your total, just in case you feel inclined to give a bit more for exceptional service.

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