Leave the Beach Chairs at Home with Your Worries

When you leave on a day trip to the beach, do you ever worry about all the things you have to bring? There are towels, beach chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, change of clothes, and not to mention all of the kids’ stuff. Of course, on top of everything you have to worry about food. You have to bring something that is easy enough to eat on the go, and if you have picky friends or family that can be a pretty difficult task. It can almost be so much of a hassle that you would rather stay at home. Well, we are here to tell you that there are some pretty big things you can knock off your list of worries. That would be your beach equipment!

You may be thinking we are crazy. What do you mean I can go to the beach without my beach equipment? Well, many hotels and cities understand what a pain a day at the beach can be. It is quite possibly the best part of your vacation reduced to a pile of worry, stress, and panic. Well, hotels have tried to do something to help with all of that. Many hotels and city-owned public beaches now have the option to rent your beach equipment. Now you can focus on just your basics and leave all of the big toys behind.

Renting equipment not only takes away the stress of packing all of your beach equipment, but it also stops you from worrying about cleaning the sand off and drying off everything when you leave. You already have to worry about cleaning yourself off, don’t worry about cleaning off your toys too. If you are wondering what kind of equipment you can rent, here is a list of the more common items you can rent at beaches today:

  • Surf/body/paddle boards
  • Kayaks
  • Beach chairs/loungers/Umbrellas
  • Golf Carts

As you can see, they pretty much cover all of the big items that are truly a pain to pack up. If you are looking for a beach with these amenities for vacation then Folly Beach in South Carolina is the one for you. Folly’s Best Rentals, a vacation rental company, offers many vacation rentals on Folly Beach, with the ability to rent all sorts of equipment for all day beach fun with zero stress.

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