Interesting Things to do in Winter Park, CO

Although known for its great skiing opportunities, Winter Park, CO also offers a wealth of other attractions for visitors of all ages and from all walks of life. As one might suspect, skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels typically find themselves right at home on the slopes of the Ski Granby Ranch Ski Resort or the Winter Park Resort. Cross-country skiers also have plenty of trails from which to choose, including Arapaho National Forest, Grand Lake Nordic Center, and the Devil’s Mountain Ranch. Below are some other fun and interesting things to do in this beautiful area of the country.

St. Louis Creek and the Colorado and Fraser Rivers provide outstanding fishing opportunities, and countless streams and lakes offer additional fishing holes. Wade fishing, drift boating and fly fishing are also very popular in this area. Other water sports include white water rafting, paddle boarding and riding the area’s various zip lines over beautiful bodies of water.

Several outfitters provide tours and rentals for those planning an exciting day of snowmobiling. Families with youngsters are pleased to discover that “snow scoots” are available as well, which are perfect for children who are just learning to snowmobile. Snowshoe expeditions are also an interesting option for those who want a more relaxed excursion through the snow-covered landscape.

Hiking trails abound in Winter Park, and those who wish to view brilliant fall foliage or summer wildflowers are not disappointed after a trek through this beautiful, picturesque area. Combining a hiking excursion with a stay in a private Winter Park vacation rental to relax in afterward will give you the vacation of a lifetime.

Winter Park is considered the biking capital of the United States, with over 600 miles of bicycle trails. Boasting everything from beginner routes to challenging, double black diamond trails, there is a route to please essentially anyone. Bicycles can be rented from local Fraser Valley shops, which also sponsor various races and events, such as the Colorado Freeride Festival. The latter typically takes place annually, during the last week of July.

Rocky Mountain Food, Wine and Beer Festival
Held each year in August, the Rocky Mountain Food, Wine, and Beer Festival is a fantastic event for anyone. Nestled near the beautiful Fraser Valley, the festival features live entertainment, food vendors, wine and beer tents, merchants selling homemade fare and handmade arts and crafts. The area in which the festival takes place is also home to a fun and exciting human maze. Offering 360° views of the Rocky Mountains, this famous event is a must-see for anyone visiting Winter Park in August.

There is a virtually limitless number of activities and attractions in Winter Park. Therefore, regardless of the season you choose to visit this area, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

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