Inland Lake Vacation Spots

Throughout the United States people rush to their local inland lakes to enjoy the natural beauty and ambiance of the summer. Lakes are Americans gathering places in the summer. Like a watering hole, each weekend millions of  people across the country pack up the car and drive down the highway to a special inland lake that will create the perfect summer weekend. Although there are millions of lakes in the United States, here are a select few that stand out as incredible vacation spots for inland lake lovers. 

Torch Lake (Northern Michigan):

Torch Lake is one of the most beautiful inland lakes on the planet. It’s low temperatures create a Bahamas like coloring to the water. Miles of stretched lake is filled with deep fishing spots, beautiful log cabin homes, and a gigantic sand bar. The inland lake holds so much mythos to Michiganders and visitors that Kid Rock even mentioned Torch Lake in his song “All Summer Long”. Whether your looking to explore nature, relax in the shade of the tall trees, or party on the sandbar, Michigan’s second largest inland lake is a place worth investing and exploring.

Lake Kissimmee (Central Florida):

About an hour an a half west of Tampa lies Lake Kissimmee in the heart of the Florida wetlands. This inland lake is part of a larger surrounding lake system that provides nature sights as unique as its name. There are multiple islands within the lake that can be reached by boat, kayak, canoe, or anything that floats. Stay at the Lake Kissimmee State Park to experience the various hiking and horse back riding trails surrounding the lake. 5,930 acres of state land takes more than a day to explore so plan your next adventure in the beautiful depths of one of Florida’s most wild inland lakes.

Lake Granby (Northern Colorado):

On the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake Granby is a welcomed greeter the vast and wondrous environment of the mountain region. The glass like lake is surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains and lush pine forests for the premiere mountaineering experience. Take day hikes through the mountains or fish in the lake’s bountiful reserves. Visit the Lake Granby Yacht Club for some sailing lessons and be a part of the highest elevation yacht-club on the planet. Lake Granby is an inland lake that is a microcosm of all Colorado’s natural beauty has to offer.

Lake Norman (Western North Carolina):

This charming inland lake stretches and curves as an estuary of the Catawba Rivers system. The Lake touches multiple counties and towns including Davidson, home to Davidson College and the Davidson Village Inn. The Lake Norman State Park is open year round and provides camping sites, swimming, and boat access. Come to Lake Norman to experience quaint villages, water side restaurants, and lake activities.

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