Hotel Design Inspired by Video Games

There are some uniquely decorated hotels and individual hotel rooms, littered all around the world. Themes have been a fun way to enhance the traveler’s experience during their stay in a new town. These specially themed hotels might go for a steep price, but the experience has been described as one of a kind.

From medieval castle themes, found in all the far reaches of numerous European countries, to the room of mirrors located at Propeller Island Hotel in Germany. There are a plethora of unique designs implemented into hotel rooms, all made to enhance the traveler’s experience with them during their stay.

It’s not completely unbelievable then, that there would be more modern related rooms alight with vacancy signs. The cel shaded room stationed at the Arte Luise Kunsthotel was designed by comic book artist named KEHL, who is also based in Berlin. It’s only 1 of 50 rooms that were purely decorated for the artist aspect, by individual artists. This room in particular is a nice throwback to old fashioned Sega games, as well as the newer released games that are also created through that same nostalgic cel shading style.

Cel shading is the act of animation for video games, with the black outlines of shapes showing exceptionally more than they normally would. Almost like the same black outline you would see around a cartoon character, only with cel shading, everything is three dimensional. This means that the object would be visible if panned around, not as a flat image, but as a whole one with angles and depth to its person.

That is what this room is, after all. Just imagine waking up in your own personal video game bedroom, with a wardrobe painted powder pink with a boldly painted flower at its center. All objects in the room appear as if they just jumped out of a high definition television screen. It would certainly be a sight to behold, straight out of the dead of sleep.

The Mine Suite located in Vdstmanland, Sweden, at the Sala Silvermine Hotel, is another great example of what it would be like to stay in an element usually only present in video games. Caves are an integral part of most digital role-playing games, but what if you could pay to sleep in a cave? That is what this room covers. It is a suite dug from the bottom-most reaches of an old silver mine. Dug 500 feet down, the only way to enter and to leave is through a lifting shaft. Dangerous, some might say, but there are those who love to live life on the edge – and their travel arrangements are no different.


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