The Best Outdoor Activities in Hocking Hills, Ohio

If you are an outdoors ethusiast and love spending your time out in the fresh air, then Hocking Hills, Ohio is the perfect desintation. It’s known for its hiking and camping resorts, but it has a lot more to offer to those that love being outside. Here are a few of the many things you can do in Hocking Hills:


We’re in the middle of hunting season–deer season that is. Ohio is a great place to hunt, especially Hocking Hills, due to its extensive forest region.


Rivers, streams, lakes, and waterfalls are plentiful in Hocking Hills. Rivers and streams run through the town, making it the perfect destination for any angler.


If you like the wind on your face and the thrill of zipping passed trees at a very fast speed, then Hocking Hills can definitely deliver. With its forestry, Hocking Hills has plenty of ziplining attractions.

Kayaking and Canoeing

As mentioned, Hocking Hills is full of streams and lakes throughout its region. If you love being out on the water with the beautiful backdrop of trees surrounding you, then this is the perfect kayaking or canoeing adventure.

Horseback Riding

One of the more peaceful outdoor adventures in Hocking Hills: horseback riding. There are several farms that offer guided tours through the woods on horseback.


If you’re not up for horseback riding or fishing, take a peaceful hike throughout one of the many trails in Hocking Hills. Some trails are harder than others, while some are great for any hiker experience.

Scenic Air Tour

For the outdoors and height enthusiast, take a plane ride above the forest region of Hocking Hills. Scenic air tours are a wonderful way to see nature from a bird’s eye view.

About the Author: Jack is a guest contributor fromĀ Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, offering Hocking Hills cabins, cottages and Bed & Breakfast rooms with several amenities and spa treatments for guests.

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