A Guide to Visiting Napa Valley

Napa Valley is a beautiful vacation destination from delicious wines to amazing scenic views. It is a must when visiting California and planning the perfect day trip to Napa can take your vacation to the next level. Here is a guide on how to have the perfect day at Napa Valley. 

Napa Valley offers visitors castles, vine-covered hills, and over the top beauty that you can’t find anywhere else. Choose from a variety of wine tasting tours at the many wineries or bike the trails and enjoy the nature around you. There are a variety of things to do while visiting, there is definitely no shortage of fun!

The Silverado Trail is a peaceful getaway for those looking to experience nature. A small highway on the eastern side of Napa Valley, the trail provides visitors an authentic view of the valley. It is a less crowded option and is perfect for bikers. There are also a variety of wineries along the Silverado Trail, a map can be found at The Visitors Center in Napa. One great one along the trail is Signorello Estate Winery with great wine and beautiful views.

Also along the Silverado Trail are local produce stands where you can purchase fresh fruit and veggies. The stands are run on the honor system, where you choose what you want and put your money in a box on the stand. For more substantial food, visit V. Sattui which is famous for it delicious wine and deli. For wine and beautiful garden sculptures visit the unique Cliff Lede Winery. The winery has sculptures scattered throughout the gardens ranging from hearts to noblemen.

If you’re looking for shopping opportunities look now further than St. Helena. There is a multitude of great shops to choose from, ranging from stationery to scarves. Visit Woodhouse Chocolate for their s’mores dipped in Belgian milk chocolate for a quick ¬†sweet treat.

No matter what you love to do, you’ll find something to enjoy while visiting Napa Valley. Choose from a the largest variety of wineries, shops, scenic look out points, bike trails, and more. You will never be bored during your time at Napa Valley, guaranteed.

About the Author: Sydney is a guest contributor from Wine Country Inn, your ideal place to stay while visiting Napa Valley.

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