Great Interior Designs To Perk Up The Palate

Eateries have often been found within establishments devoid of much architectural flair or interior appeal. They served basically to provide nourishment to people. In the early days, they served as stops to those on safaris or on a pilgrimage. Most of them were inns, lunch rooms and later food kiosks.

Later came along the fast foods that cut down sitting areas and provided food on the ‘go’. This was a quick service oriented model with minimal comforts. Some have the dual option of a dinning area.


The onset of the 20th century saw more elaborate architectural designs emerging into these establishments, augmented by the appreciation of art in the interior design. Some of the most popularized eating spots include the best Mexican restaurants that are famed for their unique cuisine and their rich interior designs.

Roof top restaurants are a popular feature for their scenic views. Much design therefore goes into the furniture and service accompaniments like live soft music played to the dinners. The food is usually a culinary art experience thus vying for the attention of the diner against the backdrop of the view. This option is not limited to restaurants only but to bars as well.

Also, the French have their infamous bistros. Bistros are actually small restaurants with a European touch. They are internally designed to have a bright color against a neutral background. The furniture is usually metallic for both the table and chairs with soft cushions.

The floating restaurants are found next to water bodies, such as rivers, seas and the shallow sea shores. They offer unparalleled serenity and a perfect romantic setting. The beauty of them is that some may be mobile, while others are anchored; either way they offer a welcome angle to dinning.

And lastly, there are the underwater spots too for those who enjoy aquatic life up close and candid. This aquatic experience gives a submarine effect sans the steel walls so that diners are treated to the marine life swimming past. The interior is designed such that all senses are heightened to the water effect. Naturally, caution has been incorporated in its construction to forestall any unprecedented incidents.


Today, it is no longer only about the food that is offered in a restaurant, rather theĀ ambianceĀ and decor of the place, down to the furniture and aesthetic appeal. You will enjoy the rest of your dinner more if you choose the best eating joint and have a nice atmosphere.

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