Great Florida Travel Destinations

Good news: Tampa Bay isn’t the only great place to visit in Florida. If you want to spend your whole vacation here, great, but if not, there are plenty of other locations to check out. We asked a friend of ours who vacations to Florida to give us his opinion on what other cities he enjoys visiting and what he likes to do there. Here’s what he said:

Miami, Florida

I can think of two things in life that go really well together, music and food. Now let’s get a little more specific, fried food and live music. Okay lets get even more specific, hamburgers with french fries and live blues band. If that is the combination that you are craving, then I would check out a restaurant called Tobacco Road in Miami, Florida. That is just the combo that they are marketing there, gigantic hamburgers and soulful blues.

Panama City, Florida

I always wanted to move to Panama City, Florida. The nice weather all year round, a beach close by. I hate wearing jackets so I figure it would be a perfect place for me. I have an Aunt that lives down there and she just loves it. I know that this may sound a little silly, but in my mind I have this idea that if I move to Florida it will be like I am on vacation everyday, 24/7. I will have to work, but to me, that is what nice weather makes me feel like.

It is fall right now and I work full-time, but I still feel as though I am on vacation just because of the warm sunshine everyday. I enjoy driving in my car with the window down, cool summer breezes, and fun outdoor activities. If you lived in Florida, you wouldn’t have to wait until the warm weather rolled around to enjoy the outdoors. Picnics, sports, walks, cookouts could happen anytime. Gosh, I might start packing right now.

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