What Makes a Good Hotel

While on a vacation, there are only a few things more frustrating than having to deal with a hotel that is dirty, too expensive, or staffed with unhelpful people. Your trip away from home is supposed to help you relax and enjoy yourself, which can end up being impossible with a poor choice of hotel. What most people don’t take the time to understand is that there is not one hotel that is best for everybody. You determine what you value most and only by selecting a hotel that represents these values will you be happy with your choice. Here are a few of the characteristics of hotels that you should pay attention to during your search.


The first thing you should do when looking for a hotel is determine what price range you fall into. While everybody would love to try out the Ritz-Carlton, it is simply not an option for a majority of the population. So be honest with yourself and decide how much you will be willing to pay for a hotel. Keep in mind that price does not always equate to quality. There are some hotels that tend to overcharge their guests during their stay. However, there are also luxurious hotels, like the Hotel Zero Degrees in Stamford, that offer wonderful amenities for an extremely reasonable price.


While the first thing we generally think of when it comes to a stay in a hotel is the great view or beautiful room, it is actually the staff more than anything else that can make or break your stay. Think about it. Who is responsible for cleaning your room, making your food, placing reservations, and ensuring you feel comfortable during your time there? Make an effort to read reviews about guests’ interactions with the staff. Then only choose a hotel that has glowing recommendations about the people that work there.


The hotel itself should be wonderful. However, it should also be situated in a place that is suitable to your purposes. Staying in a five-star-hotel on business will not be a happy experience if it is a 90-minute drive away from where your meetings are taking place. Choose a hotel that puts you closest to the places you want to be. If you are unsure about what locations are good in a new area, read the customer reviews. People usually comment on the location of the hotel when they review it.

Choosing the right hotel does take some work. However, it is always a better alternative to arriving at your dream destination and realizing that your hotel is not good enough to suit your needs. So take a couple of minutes to figure out which would be the best hotel for you before you book your stay.

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