Finding A Great Dentist On The Road


As a frequent traveler you’ll find yourself in some weird situations where you have to fly by the seat of your pants and make decisions to rely on strangers in some strange situations. I once had to go to a hospital after injuring myself in Puerto Rico and overcome a language barrier as I figured out what to do with my knee after I tore a ligament. Good times! More recently I was in Lansing, Michigan for work and I had a major malfunction with my braces and was lucky enough to find the best Invisalign dentist Lansing has to offer (that’s just my humble opinion after visiting one dentist on my only trip ever to this town).

If you’re not familiar with Invisalign, they’re those nearly invisible (and very expensive) braces that some of us use to take care of some slightly out of aligned teeth but just can’t deal with the old fashioned metal, very obvious braces of our youth. Anyhow, during my trip I started experiencing some severe discomfort on the second night and I was in a real pinch. Fortuantely, Dr. Dan Derksen does pull emergency hours and was nice enough to come back to the office (sorry about stealing your husband/father for the evening Derksen family!). He examined the braces and realized that, surprise surprise, I had not exactly been keeping my maintenance regimen up to date and the user error was leading to my issue.

Fortunately it ended up being a fairly easy fix in the hands of a trained professional and after about 30 minutes I was on my way and was able to finish out the rest of a three week whirlwind sales trip without any further issues. Even better, since Dr. Derksen is such a pro he gave me a few more pointers on how to best manage my Invisalign use while traveling so I don’t run into this issue again. Sometimes you get lucky on these sorts of trips!


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