Final Activities for the Summer

Kids in swimming pool

Before the freezing months start to roll in, what do you say to a final shebang for the summer? After all, it only comes once a year! Check out the list here and make sure you have done all these before summer says, “See you later!”

1. Go to the nearest amusement park available. Or if you can still find cheap airfare before September ends, then go for it! There’s Cedar Point, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Kings Island, Six Flags, etc. Take your pick!

2. You’ve probably already gone swimming, so why not take it to the next level and go to a water theme park as well? Scream your heart out on the giant slides and have fun on the artificial waves. Lots of water parks have made basic swimming pools so outdated that it’s criminal to just sit in the pool.
3. Invite family and friends for a barbecue party with a kick. Start grilling that big slab of meat while you and your guests wear outfits from the 80s or whatever theme you can come up with!
4. Tailgate. Support your favorite football team by joining tailgates and meeting new people. Set up a large flat-screen TV on your trunk and let the games begin!
5. Go fishing on the lake or ocean. It might as well be the best time to stock up your freezer with fresh fish meat!
6. If your boat or pontoon just doesn’t cut it for you anymore, do some window shopping online and start saving up for that dream boat. Visit the websites of boat manufacturers like the Manitou Home Page and get a deal there.
7. Nap in a hammock. Of course, have yourself some “me” time with just the sound of nature, birds and squirrels around you.


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