Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a Muslim Emirate and UAE is a Muslim country, but it is one of the most liberal in the entire Middle East. With that said, there are many things to consider for safe travel in Dubai. You need to avoid some blunder to ensure you don’t offend the local people. Here are some important travel tips.


For all the info regarding visa requirements you can contact your local embassies. You can enter Dubai on a tourist visa for a maximum of 60 days, but some nationalities must possess a valid visa on arrival.


United Arab Emirates Dirham is the local currency here. These days many international and local banks provide cash withdrawal services from ATM’s which are available in several malls and hotels. Don’t try to change money on the streets, as there are chances of fraudulent currencies being offered. To avoid excess costs, try saving money before you even arrive. One way to save a significant chunk of change is by taking cheap air flights to Dubai.

Medical Tips

Make sure your travel insurance covers your medical treatment. Pharmacies here offer medicines quite easily, but a huge amount can be added by hospitalization, treatment and evacuation. In general, the hospitals are well equipped.

Illegal Imports

Some of these items are forbidden to bring along with you:

  • Raw seafood (only in Sharjah and Dubai) or vegetable and fruit from cholera-infected regions
  • Unstrung pearls except for private use
  • Religious propaganda
  • Dangerous weapons or firearms


Drug offenses are not tolerated in Dubai, either trafficking or taking drugs, with pretty strict penalties if caught. You can consider Dubai as strict as other countries in Asia. However, there are regulations for controlled drugs. So if you are traveling with prescribed medicine you can verify with these regulations. Medicines like Tylenol 3 are restricted, so you may want to check beforehand. Carry only the required amount of prescription medicine for you travel, and don’t forget to have a letter from your doctor.


Tourists are not restricted to having alcohol in Dubai, and you can buy beverages at the Duty Free Shop on the way to the country. The limitation is four bottles per person. Unless you are a citizen with an alcohol license you can’t purchase alcohol in liquor stores or supermarkets. However, most of the restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and hotels offer alcohol readily. You are not permitted to consume alcohol on the streets, and don’t ever drink and drive.


You can wear normal swim wear or bikinis on the beach. However, it is not advisable to wear such garments openly in public. Moreover, topless bathing is restricted, and beach sandals may offend the local public. Don’t walk on the streets bare-chested and make sure you comply with the local dress code. Revealing tops and short skirts are also not considered suitable attire for public places.

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