Three Things to See in Charlottesville, Virginia

Virginia is one of the many states that is rich with history, known for some of the U.S. Presidents, its growing metropolitan area, and University of Virginia, one of the most historical colleges in the United States. It’s a town of about 43,475 residents, though the Bureau of Economic Analysis argues that Charlottesville and Albemarle County are one, therefore bringing the population total to 118,398. If you ever do find yourself passing through this historical town, or even staying for a while, there’s plenty to see and do as a tourist.

Here are the top three things you must see while in Charlottesville:

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello
Chartlottesville is home to two U.S. Presidents, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. A trip to Jefferson’s Monicello will provide you with plenty of historical information to extend your knowledge of America’s southern history in Virgina. Take the slavery tour within the Monicello to enjoy an informative experience and gain new perspectives. Once you pay a fee, you can openly tour the site and grounds and explore for hours.

University of Virgina
Easily the most prominent college in America’s history, if you get a chance to visit the University of Virgina, you’re certainly endulging in a world of history. Most people call it a wonderful walk around history, as it allows you to not only explore what the college offers now, but also the historic bearings of the university. The college was once the headquarter of the Confederate General Hospital, and the tour offers a detailed exploration of Civil War landmarks and a personalized experience to learn and understand the history behind the university, the region, and the country.

Carter Mountain Orchard
You can take a break from the history lesson and dive into beautiful and breathtaking views as you drive up to Carter Mountain Orchard, a 100-year old family orchard that grows all kinds of fruit depending on the season. It’s a fun, simple outing to have with a family. The orchard also hosts several events and strives in making sure each guest has a wonderful memories while spending time at the farm.

About the Author: Kelly is a guest contributor from Prospect Hill Plantation Inn, an authentic 18th century plantation in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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