Why Castles Make Great Wedding Venues

Choosing the right wedding venue is tough. You might spend weeks, even months searching for the right place. Outdoor weddings are beautiful, but then the weather can also affect your day. Churches are a wonderful place to have your wedding, but you might be doing most of the set-up. And home wedding venues are sweet and traditional but limited to space and parking for guests. Whichever wedding venue you decide to choose, there’s always pros and cons. Most wedding planners forget about the lesser-known (less conventional) venue options, like museums, barns, or even castles. Here’s why traditional castles make for great wedding venues:

They offer a beautiful, unique backdrop to a fairytale wedding. Castle properties are well-kept and beautiful spaces to have a wedding. They will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale–the groom a prince, and the bride a princess. Castles have grown up, beautiful gardens that are perfect for wedding photos, too.

Like hotels, they have stay accomodations. Many castles are also bed and breakfasts and with their wedding packages, they offer stays for you and your guests, fulfulling the fairytale experience even further for everyone.

Wedding packages are typically all-inclusive. Most castle wedding packages are inclusive of meals, stay and entertainment–all price dependent. From basic packages to extravagant packages, many castles are the perfect romantic package catered to their guests.

You can rent out the entire castle. Unlike most hotels and some venues, castles will offer you the option of renting out the entire venue so that you can experience your wedding in the privacy of a fairytale land with your closest friends and family.

About the Author: Jane is a guest contributor from Castle Marne Bed & Breakfast, a historic castle in Denver, Colorado right in the heart of Denver’s City Park and Capitol Hill.

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