Best Hotels Near New York

Thousands upon thousands of tourists flock to New York City, New York, every year to enjoy the rich culture and dazzling sights and sounds of the Big Apple. New York is a city of deep culture that can be a place almost anyone to come and enjoy seemingly no matter their personal interest, likes, or dislikes.

From a sensational culinary scene to national landmarks, and award winning productions to world champion sporting teams, New York City has attractions for everyone. And because of the great allure to the Big Apple, hotels in and around this vibrant city likewise need to be wide reaching and supportive.

With the many hundreds of thousands of tourists, businessmen, and other travelers who travers in and through the city, hotels and motels both in the city proper and in surround locations such as Stamford, CT, hotels need to be ready to assist patrons, meet the needs of their customers, and provide a unique boarding experience in order to stay with the face paced market on hotels and motels in and around New York.

Stamford, CT hotels, and lodging in the city of New York have to compete for the business of the many thousands of individuals and families who are passing through New York. In so doing, there are few hotels and motels that have separated themselves from the rest either due to style, location, or some other unique feature that has made these lodgings more desirable than the rest.

One of the premier standouts in the New York hotel scene is the Ravel. The Ravel is starting to gain more and more prestige due largely to its location directly underneath the famous 59th street bridge in Long Island.

Along with the location of the Ravel, those who choose to lodge here are often drawn in or pleasantly surprised by the rooftop lounge that stays open till three a.m. and the slightly Asian influenced dcor of the rooms. The rooftop lounge also sports a fine dining restaurant and magnificent skyline views of the city.

Another up and coming hotel in the city of New York is the hotel named Mi Casa Tu Casa. As one might have guessed, this four bedroom hotel is based primarily on Latin cultures, but one of the four rooms is dedicated to the world champion New York Yankees baseball club, which plays its home games only blocks from the hotel.

To continue the thread of small and successful lodgings, the bed and breakfast on Taylor street in Staten Island called simply Victorian Bed and Breakfast is starting gain some serious ground in the New York area Hotel world thanks to its inherently charming Victorian dcor and appeal. Along with the feelings of being in a Victorian urban suite, guests are treated to a full service breakfast each morning.

For a larger, more grandiose style stay in New York, guests are hitting up Holiday Inn Manhattan-View. This popular and modern hotel offers exquisite views of the city from nearly every room in the hotel and is the last to make this list of some of the best hotels in New York City.

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