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Everyone knows what a bed and breakfast is, but not everyone has stayed at one. Usually people pick hotels or motels instead of staying at a bed and breakfast or inn, just because they think hotels are easier than staying at a bed and breakfast. What is it about bed and breakfasts that make people want to stay there? Here is a list of frequently asked bed and breakfast locations.

Q: Are bed and breakfasts cheaper than hotels?

A: According to this infographic, with the amenities and what can be accommodated for you at a bed and breakfast, you can most likely find most bed and breakfasts to be cheaper than the total price of hotels. For example, breakfast is free, so is parking, and bottled water in your room is offered free. At a hotel, the cost of everything listed above will add up with each day you stay there.

Q: What is the difference between a bed and breakfast and an inn?

A: A bed and breakfast is defined as a small house that offers breakfast the next day. An inn is defined as a larger place that offers more than just one meal a day. Bed and breakfasts are typically smaller and owned by fewer people and inns are usually ran by a larger management.

Q: How do bed and breakfasts differ from hotels and motels?

A: Since bed and breakfasts are smaller, they have more control over what is going on and can take better care of their guests that way. Hotels have more guests and they can’t make sure everyone is staying happily all of the time. Also, the amenities that bed and breakfasts offer are usually free or are cheaper than the price at hotels.

Q: Do you have to pay for extra snacks or beverages at a bed and breakfast?

A: This depends on the bed and breakfast that you are staying at. But, typically, you do not.

Q: Where do the owners of the bed and breakfast stay?

A: Again, this also depends on the bed and breakfast that you wish to stay at. Some owners stay in the bed and breakfast home and other owners live somewhere separately but nearby.

Q: Do you have to share the bathroom with the other guests?

A: No, guests usually get their own private bathroom.

Q: Are bed and breakfasts pet and children friendly?

A: Again, this depends on which bed and breakfast you are staying at, but most of them do not allow pets or children.

Q: What if I am allergic to what is on the breakfast menu?

A: At most bed and breakfasts, they will gladly accommodate to your dietary needs!

Q: Can I bring my own wine, beer, and liquor?

A: Yes! Some bed and breakfasts prefer this since some of them aren’t licensed to serve alcohol.

Q: How often should I communicate with the innkeepers?

A: It is suggested to check in with them at least once a day during your stay to make sure that they are doing everything they can for you.

This guest post is contributed by El Farolito Bed & Breakfast Inn, which is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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