The Bahamas: A Whole Other World

You can get away. You can escape. You can leave your mundane work-a-day world in the rear view mirror and settle down in a new and better universe. You might feel like it’s utterly impossible to start fresh somewhere new. You might believe that you are shackled to where you are by chains of routine, habit, and fear of change. But the best part about this opportunity for exodus is that it is much easier than you might think. The Caribbean is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. It’s calling out to you. And you don’t have to be the heir to an off-shore corporation or a rich rock star to answer its enticing call, either. Doing something as easy as acquiring an Atlantis condo down in the Bahamas can be your passport to a brand new way of life – one that you actually enjoy!

Life in the Bahamas

How would you like to wake up every morning under the brilliance of a golden sun that warms your skin like a flaky croissant? How would you like to walk 20 feet from your front door and suddenly waist high in the warmest, bluest water on earth and in the imagination? How would you like hold onto the fin of a dolphin for the greatest ride of your life? How would you like to spend the evening dining on the world’s most exquisite delicacies as soft, twinkling calypso music wafts through the air? How would you like to be lulled asleep every night by the rustling rhythms of the surf outside your bedroom window? Really, if you have to ask whether or not you would enjoy life in the Bahamas, you might be suffering from extreme stress. And there’s only one cure for that kind of extreme stress: a brand new life in the Bahamas.

Your Piece of the Reef

Owning something like an Atlantis condo comes with a level of benefit which oscillates in the liminal space between simple luxury and downright regal privilege. Residents of any typical beach resort in the Bahamas receive a designated key card, which yields them access to exclusive privilege, set apart for only a chosen few people. Your condo is the gateway to a private paradise, a secluded realm of first-class entertainment, private fitness centers, and discounted everything. You’ll have access to a section of beach on your personal property, and to special private beaches. Moreover, this access will be completely tax-free. Under income and revenue laws in the Bahamas, a person who owns one of these condos will enjoy special tax advantages. You’ll be able to rent out your property to tourists all year long and never pay a cent in rental income tax. You’ll never be taxed on your capital gains if you choose to sell your property. And, every year, your annual real estate taxes will be waived. The combination of luxury and incentive could almost be described as decadent. What are you waiting for? Find your own slice of the beautiful life down in the Caribbean Sea.

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