Where To Avoid The Crowds During A Summer Trip To The Jersey Shore

The expression, “Going down the Shore” refers to the time-honored tradition of traveling down the beautiful New Jersey coastline. The many beaches and attractions located on the “Jersey Shore” are filled with travelers from around the world. The key is to avoid the crowds so that you can enjoy the sand and surf in the most comfortable manner possible.

Timing is everything
The New Jersey Shore is extremely popular with residents of nearby East Coast cities. This includes residents of New York City, Philadelphia, and surrounding suburbs in the New York Metropolitan area. It is not uncommon to witness an exodus out of the cities on summer weekends and at the onset of three-day holidays.

Avoid sitting in a never-ending traffic jam by planning your trip accordingly. Many “weekenders” leave at the conclusion of their jobs on Friday afternoon, clogging roads like the Garden State Parkway on Friday night. If you can, begin your vacation mid-week. You’re also more likely to find bargain airfares and reasonably priced hotel rooms with this strategy.

Wildwoods, NJ
Families, couples, and singles will find something to enjoy in Wildwoods, NJ. Amusement parks feature a wide variety of roller coasters for thrill seekers and kiddie rides for young visitors. Water parks offer the fun of high slides, with a birds-eye view of the Atlantic Ocean below.

Amusement Centers and Water Parks become more crowded as the day goes on. Lines for rides, restaurants and fast food counters, therefore, follow suit. Schedule your visit to amusement parks for their opening hours in the morning. This additionally allows you to easily find parking and take advantage of attractions you wish to ride more than once.

Cape May, NJ
Cape May marks the southernmost point of the Jersey Shore. The mile marker literally reads “0” when you find its exit on the Garden State Parkway. Unlike the wild boardwalk clubs and amusements found at other beaches, Cape May serves as a direct reminder of the past. This quiet beach town is filled with Victorian mansions and a restored wooden boardwalk.

Ocean Grove, NJ
This New Jersey small town is open year-round. This Victorian town is located literally in the center of the Jersey Shore and features clean beaches and boardwalks and shopping in the quaint downtown area. Besides beaches, you can experience historical walking tours or a performance at the Great Auditorium. It’s also a short drive from the crowds in Asbury Park, making it an ideal place to stay if you’re looking to visit there.

Experience the true Ocean Grove and reserve a room in one of its family-owned and operated hotels. These locales have fewer rooms and are far less crowded than larger chain hotels, even during the summer crush. The Inns of Ocean Grove is an example of one of these beautiful Ocean Grove hotels and its right near the beach.

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