Meet Our Authors

If you are curious about the people behind the blogs, then look no further. Here is just a little information about our amazing authors who create the content you love to read.



Izzie is a 22-year-old blogger and is passionate about writing. She loves all things about travel from the new activities in new cities to the excitement of staying in a unique, new room. She enjoys sky-diving, skiing, and hot-air balloon rides. Izzie never sits still long while on vacation. She became a travel blogger to share her experiences and help people plan for their own travels.


Alex is an aspiring author, a student and a blogger in his spare time. He loves to work with creative content and is fascinated by the world. He is very ambitious and has many plans for travel in his lifetime. Right now he is focused on putting together a list of dream vacation spots that he will one day visit. He shares these dream vacation spots in his blogs because he believes everyone should get the chance to experience the world the way he hopes to experience it.


Andrea is a chef and has plans to open her own restaurant one day. She loves to blog, especially about the restaurants she visits while traveling. Her passion for food is shown in her writing and her keyboard is always covered in crumbs. Her favorite kind of food his hands down Mexican, because it has the most flavor and it’s the most fun to cook. However, her favorite dessert is Tiramisu because she loves the taste of espresso.