Amenities that Matter

If you’re going to spend money on a hotel, what little bonus amenities do you like? From crummy motels to 5-start hotels, the list goes on and on. What makes your stay more memorable? What makes you come back again? Apart from price, location, service, and general cleanliness, amenities are the big influencer. Hotels are becoming more and more creative in their amenity selection, hoping to stand apart as the only one of its kind.

The Biggies

Traditionally, there are several traditional “must haves” like Wi-Fi, free parking, complimentary breakfast, a coffee maker, a mini-fridge, and a choice of bedding. Most hotels offer these traditional conveniences (although occasionally for a price) and people don’t think much about them. But what do you really need/use? Would you rather trade in your coffee pot for a pair of locally hand-knitted complimentary socks? I sure would! This is what hotels are starting to discover.

Branching Out

Hotels are getting creative about the amenities and services they offer. Across the board, Wi-Fi is staying. But other traditional conveniences are being accompanied by or replaced by new and interesting perks. From transportation from the airport to hotel and pillow gifts from local tradesman, booking a hotel room can turn into quite the adventure!

The Small Touches

Why are these hotels doing this? It’s pretty simple really. As history has frequently proven, often times it’s the small things that matter. Little perks make humans do incredible things. Fans go wild hoping to catch a squishy promotional ball at a basketball game. People run marathons to get a free t-shirt. People travel across town to go to the restaurant just for that special dipping sauce. The same principle applies to hotels. Anywhere you go, you’ll probably get a comfortable bed, a shower, and Wi-Fi. But beyond that, wouldn’t it be fun to check out the hotel that gives you that free hand-stitched toiletry bag? What about the hotel that comes with hilarious fortune cookies? Or the one with 12 kinds of handmade herbal soaps? These small, unique amenities are what tip the balance.

Going Bigger

As small, unique amenities have picked up, hotels branch out even bigger. Anything to make your stay more unique and exciting, hotels are investing in. There are hotels only accessible by speedboat, jeep or paraglide. Others are built especially for extra-tall people, with elongated beds and high shower heads. Some are decorated completely like doll houses or furnished with everything Hello Kitty imaginable. You can even rent an underwater glass room, surrounded by water and fish. Some of these hotels are so elaborate and exciting that you won’t ever have to leave the building to enjoy a full and exciting vacation.

For the Rest of Us

But unless you are an incredibly rich person, you will mostly likely opt for a less extravagant hotel. Luckily, most hotels are picking up on small, exciting perks that can still add a little spice to your travels. See what nice, comfortable, and unique amenities Albuquerque Hotels have to offer and enjoy your stay!

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