Best Adventurous Activities to do in Oahu, HA

There is something for everyone in Hawaii with its beautiful climate providing the perfect backdrop for any adventures you want to go on. Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most popular destinations and there are plenty of adventures to go on. These adventurous activities are some of the best ways to explore and experience the island. When planning your stay in Oahu, Private Homes Hawaii will help you find the perfect vacation rental for your needs. With options right by the water and into the interior of the island, there is something for everyone. Enjoy some privacy while still being close to the islands many attractions and adventures. Below are our top adventurous activities to go on during your stay. 

Helicopter Tours

For those unafraid of heights, a helicopter tour can be the best way to see Hawaii. From the air, you can see the white-sand beaches of Waikiki, the jewel green vegetation of Diamond Head Crater, and the deep blue of the open ocean mixed with the teal of the waves rushing up on to the beach. This is truly the best way to see all of Hawaii and to appreciate its natural beauty.

Snorkeling Cruises

If you are more interested in getting up close and personal with nature try a snorkeling tour! These guided tours take you to the best spots for snorkeling and provide you with all the gear you could possibly need. Because these tours are run by professionals you will get the best tips, tricks, and guidance for viewing the most spectacular sights up close. Whether it is swimming alongside a sea turtle or watching a dolphin playfully nod his head at you it is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whale Watching Tours

If you are fascinated with whales, Hawaii is the perfect place to watch Humpbacks who frequent the area between November and May (high concentrations from January to March) to breed and give birth. A boat tour is the perfect way to get close to these spectacular mammals while still maintaining safety. Many tours offer educational seminars explaining the whales’ habits and appearances and some even boast live music and refreshments on board.

Cliff Jumping

For those looking for an adrenaline-infused activity, try cliff jumping. This extreme activity has been popular on the islands for hundreds of years and it is not for the faint of heart. Several places have been marked out by numerous travelers as safe-to-jump but always remember to swim to and dive in your intended landing area before ever making the jump. The movement of the ocean could have changed the sea floor making it an extremely shallow and fatal landing area. Always put safety first when exploring such extreme activities. Click here to read about some of the top places to go cliff jumping in Oahu.

ATV Tours

For a fast-paced tour of the gorgeous scenery try an ATV tour. You will be provided the necessary safety gear and instructions to be able to enjoy your heart-pounding tour of nature’s most astounding feats. Some tours have communication devices built-in to the helmet so that you can hear any instructions the tour guide is giving over the roar of the engine underneath you. This adventure is sure to leave you with several great stories to take back with you to the mainland.

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