5 Ways To Enjoy Family Vacations In Turkey

Turkey constitute one of the very richest holiday hubs in the whole world, you will be spoilt for choice on where to go or what to do while in Turkey, it’s a home of many choices for holiday makers across the globe, many different travelers will have much to sample here, from fairly priced resorts, historical sites to visit with educational values, many beaches to visit which are safe with friendly people, the culture is also amazing and friendly to many visitors, it welcomes visitors with an open arms to explore it’s rich attractions with some only found there, with its beach line dotted with many beaches which fits every purpose of visit.
Beautiful Beaches:

1. Turkey coast line is a home of many beaches which dots all its lower regions, there are a variety of beaches which suits family vacations according to the available amenities and costs.
2. The Aegean and Mediterranean regions are homes too many lovely and gorgeous beached which are re known globally, with lovely resorts like Kusadasi which is just twenty five minutes away, your family will have many choices to explore while in Turkey.
3. For families with a conservative budget to use, beaches like Olu Deniz which has some moderate packages for families, it offers lagoons with children safety at heart, Belcekiz is also another beach in the same range.
4. The beaches also offer with very many cheap cafes with continental cuisines, every type of family can always find something to feed on here.


1. Turkey has so many sightseeing attraction in it, this can be experienced from within its width and breadth across the country, many natural sights and manmade are at your disposal to sample while on your visit.
2. An ancient sight like Patara beach is considered one of the largest of its kind along the Mediterranean, with stretches up to more than fourteen kilometers; it’s a unique sandy beach with yellowish orange mass of sand, its ideal for family sand bathing and sightseeing.
3. Pamukkale also offers a picturesque sight indeed, it’s considered as uncommon landscape, the hot springs activities deposited some sediment which eventually has made this landscape, and the sight is startling.
4. The Bodrum castle is also one such place ideal for sightseeing, it’s located near Bodrum city within Turkey’s Southwest, it was built in the medieval period, now is a preserved museum. a place worth seeing indeed.

Eating Out:

1. Eating out while on your Turkey visit with family is considered very cheap, travelers can always spend every day while there enjoying a variety of local dishes.
2. The cuisines in Turkey comes in a variety which suits almost every visitors from oriental, Indian, Brazilian, vegetarian and Mexican cuisines, this makes it ideal for everyone.
3. Kebaba there are sparingly spiced and made lightly with bread and nice fresh salads. Many variety of desserts, name it even wines here are both strong and mild, many affordable treats to good meals are always reachable in Turkey.
4, The seafood, borek,


1. Shopping in Turkey is also affordable, both big spenders and low spenders can enjoy the activity while in Turkey, Istanbul offers some of such venues for a bargain price.
2. Holiday makers can get cheaply very good leather products, carpets, foot wares, jewellery and silverware’s at very affordable cost.
3. The market found at Beyazit and even Eminomu market is a home to very cheap pottery, antics, glass products, leather goods and many varieties of spices.
4. Shopping can be very affordable depending on how you plan your holiday and get a good guide.

Getting Around:

1. Getting to and around while in Turkey can also be fun and enjoyable, cheap flight dot the country at every point, this makes traveling to several destinations while there affordable and convenient.
2. The bus traveling is also easy and affordable; their schedules are convenient too making it easy to connect to your destinations while in Turkey.
3. The Dolmus which is a van offers reliable linkage from along the beaches, they can be flagged at any point.

Turkey is just a country designed for holiday makers with many places and many things to do, your stay in Turkey can be really a fun filled and enjoyable time in your life, apply for a Turkey visa and you are ready to go.

This is a guest post by Matthew Parry

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