5 Reasons Why Palmer, Alaska is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Tucked away in the Alaskan wilderness, Palmer is an unforgettable place for a honeymoon adventure. Not only does it have a gorgeous scenery you can’t find anywhere else, but you’ll feel completely transported to a wonderful honeymoon retreat. It’s just north of Anchorage, Alaska and nearby many other cities and attractions. It’s quiet, but not too far from adventure. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Here are just five reasons to visit Palmer after saying “I do.”

1. It’s gorgeous.

Most people only think of Alaska as a frozen, snow-covered land, but Palmer offers four distinct seasons of natural beauty. In spring and summer, flowers bloom across flat plains and mountain ranges, and waterfalls gush over cliffs. In fall and winter, lakes freeze and trees lose their branches, and the world becomes a dazzling display of white. Palmer is a beautiful destination for honeymooners no matter when you travel there.
2. It has numerous attractions.

The Palmer Museum of History and Art has amazing artifacts that will show you true Alaskan history. The Arkose Brewery will give you an inside look at how local beers are made. The Church of a Thousand Trees is a sacred religious ground that’s almost 100 years old. There’s always something to see and do in Palmer, so plan your itinerary carefully.

3. It’s home to the Alaska State Fair.

The Alaska State Fair attracts more than 300,000 visitors a year. It offers games, rides, concerts, exhibits and vegetable-growing competitions that go on to break worldwide records. If you’re looking for a fun, high-energy honeymoon experience, look no further than the lights and activities of this annual festival.

Caribou Sighting

4. It’s a great way to escape the grind.

There are a number of hikes, tours, trails and campgrounds where visitors can “get away from it all” and venture into the heart of nature. Hatcher Pass is a favorite place for skiers and snowboarders; Bodenburg Butte is a steep hike that will pay off with incredible views; Lazy Mountain defies its name with a challenging environment that’s sure to get your blood pumping.

5. It’s thoroughly unique.

Have you ever visited a reindeer farm? Palmer has one, and it’s a delightful place where you can revisit your inner child before embarking on the adulthood of married life. There’s also a musk ox farm and a famous mountain valley where 130-pound cabbages are grown. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind destination for a one-of-a-kind honeymoon, Palmer is the place to be. You can even catch some moose sightings at Alaska Garden Gate B&B and Cottages, which also happens to have honeymoon cabins.

These are just five reasons to consider Palmer for your honeymoon. It might not be a location that makes the cover of glossy brochures, but it’s one that you’ll always remember when looking back on the most magical time of your life. Best wishes to you and your spouse!


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