5 Important Factors to Consider When Renting a Campervan

Australia is one of those countries that are perfect for a road trip in a campervan due to its vast open spaces, good quality roads and an abundance of sights that you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. This article takes a look at 5 of the most important factors you should bear in mind when planning a campervan trip to experience the wonders of this breathtaking country firsthand.

1. The campervan

When sourcing a campervan for your upcoming road trip bear in mind that there are a number of things that you should give adequate thought and attention to.

  • Power steering and transmission. What are you comfortable driving?
  • The number of passengers and berths. Is the campervan the right size?
  • Kitchens and facilities. Is the fridge and water tank adequate?
  • Travelling with kids. Are there bolster seats or can they be fitted?

2. The campervan hire company

The campervan hire company you rent a campervan from is as important as the campervan itself in many ways, so you should take into consideration the following:

  • Pickup and drop-off points. Where will you pick up and drop off the campervan?
  • What are the terms and conditions of hire and what’s involved regarding insurance?
  • What are the rental rates and are they competitive?

3. Routes and destinations

When planning your road trip by caravan you’ll not only have to give plenty of thought to where you’re going to go, but also plenty of thought as to how long you’re going to stay in each place if you’re going to adhere to any kind of itinerary. There are more routes worth driving along than you’ll ever have time to, so listed below are two routes, the first most probably haven’t heard of, the second a more popular one.

  • The Tanami Track. This shortcut links the Red Centre to Kimberley and is suitable for all vehicles and drivers. It’s a minimum 2 day trip covering 1120.36km and although there are few highlights it’s widely considered an excellent introduction to arid region travel in remote areas.
  • Great Tropical Drive. Many people are still yet to experience the tropical heaven that is Far Northern Queensland. This 12 day trip is a comfortable one for all vehicles and drivers and passes through six beautiful and unique parts of the region.

4. Road conditions and your driving experience

Due to the isolated nature of many roads in the outback, especially in the vast, open spaces of the Northern Territory and Western Australia, you’ll have to source information on road conditions and take this into consideration with your driving experience. There are quite a few websites where you can check road conditions (often including the campervan rental company’s website) and it’s advisable to keep up to date with these as they can change due to the weather and other factors.

5. Sourcing information for your trip

As you’ve no doubt noticed over the course of this article, planning a successful campervan trip around Australia requires you to source quite a bit of information, though doing so proves worthwhile in that you can be sure that everything is covered and that you’ve made adequate preparations for the road trip of a lifetime.


Guest Author Matthew Parry: Travel Car Centre is a rental service in Australia where you can get a car,camper or Campervan for Hire. They have depots in various regions all over the country; specifically in Adelaide,Brisbane,Cairns,Darwin,Melbourne, Perthand Sydney.

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