3 Parks You Should Visit in Livermore, California

Livermore, California is a beautiful, green city. Mostly outdoorsy people will enjoy the city’s charm, but it’s perfect year round for just about anybody. Whether you like golfing, bike riding, exploring vineyards, or simply taking a walk through the city’s charming downtown, there is something for everybody. Livermore is known widely for some of its large parks and valleys, including the Del Valley Regional Park, Altamont Pass, and Brushy Peak Regional Preserve.

If you’re ever in the area, here is what you can expect from a trip to these three sites.

Del Valle Regional Park

This park is south of Livermore, located in the East Bay Regional Park District. It’s incredibly large–about 4,316 acres. The park surrounds Lake Del Valle, which despite it being an artificial reservoir, it’s a popular destination for water sports and kayaking. Hikers, bikers boaters and anglers are known to frequent the area and enjoy the view of the lake. On occasion, you might see a cliffjumper plunge into the lake from many of the surrounding ridges around the lake, such as The Rock, The Swallow Bay Cliff, or The Pillars. Any of these can be accessed by any of the trails throughout the park.

Tip for those thinking to explore Del Valle Regional Park: the park itself can be easily accessed from Mines or Arroyo Road–and you didn’t hear it from us, but the parking meter is often broken.

Altamont Pass

This is less of a park, and more of a mountain pass. Formerly known as Livermore Pass, it’s located between Livermore and Livermore Valley. There are two railroad lines that run through the area, one of which is still in use. At one point up until 2008, Altamont Pass was home to Altamont Speedway, which, if you aren’t aware of the history, was once the famous site for teh 1969 Altamont Free Concert which featured The Rolling Stones.

Additionally, the area is known for the Altamont Pass Wind Farm, which is one of the first developed wind farms in the United States.

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve

This very green regional park is also part of the East Bay Regional Parks, as well as the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District systems. It’s located just north of Livermore, California. The park is named after Brushy Peak, a mountain on the preserve, which has historical signficance dating back to the Native Americans who settled in the region before the arrival of Europeans.

One of the many great things about Brushy Peak Regional Preserve is the Brushy Peak Loop Trail, which recently opened in 2008. The trail extends 4.4 miles in a loop that start at the Laughlin Staging Area. The elevation is 640 feet and the trail follows along an old ranch road. Bikers and hikers can enjoy the wonderful views of Brushy Peak on this intermediate trail.

About the Author: Lily is a guest contributor fromĀ The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort & Spa, a Livermore Bed and Breakfast providing the perfect getaway for those visiting California.

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