10 Things To Do on Spring Break in the Virgin Islands

If you’re headed to the U.S. Virgin Islands this spring break, chances are you’ll find yourself staying on St. John or spending some time there. Of the three U.S. Virgin Islands, it’s the smallest but it has a lot to offer. The island’s endless beauty is a result of how isolated the island is. If you’re looking to separate yourself from civilization, St. John can deliver as it’s a prinstine, quiet location that’s perfect for people seeking escape. Here are 10 things you should take advantage of while on the island:

1. Check out Cinnamon Bay.

This St. John beach is located within the Virgin Islands National Park, meaning it’s a pristine location. All of the beaches are beautiful, but Cinnamon Bay offers many attractions and activities including snorkeling, windsurfing and kayaking. There is also a self-guide half-mile loop (the Cinnamon Bay trail) for those looking to explore more than the beach.

2. Visit Pastory Gardens.

Take a stroll through Pastory Gardens, which is home to an 18-hole miniature golf course, a botanical garden and a restaurant.

3. Take a historical tour through Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins.

At this site, which is now part of the St. John’s National Park, was once a place where sugar, molasses and rum were produced. Visitors are welcome to stroll the grounds, explore the ruins of the plantation and the old windmill, or even watch a cultural demonstration.

4. Explore St. John by horseback.

For years, prior to the 1950s, residents of St. John used to get around the island by donkey or on horseback. You can explore the island the same way by booking a horseback trip through Carolina Corral.

5. See St. John from the sky.

Ever been on a helicopter ride through the U.S. Virgin Islands? You can say you have with Caribbean Buzz Helicopters, which can take you on a helicopter tour through the islands or take you on a day trip.

6. Go on a diving adventure.

If you’ve seen St. John by land and air, it’s time to explore the sea. There are many diving opportunities just off the shore of St. John. Check out these dive sites.

7. Take an eco-tour.

Sustainable travel is a consumer trend right now, so why not take an eco tour while on St. John? Hidden Reef Eco-Tours offers St. John tours by snorkel or kayak through the calm, unspoiled reefs of St. John.

8. Visit the shops along the island.

Take a break from water activities and explore the local shopping scene of St. John. There are unique shops and dining along Mongoose Junction and Wharfside Village.

9. Take an adventure off the beaten path.

Explore parts of St. John that are often left untouched. With Arawak Expeditions, you can go multi-day trips hiking and exploring the hidden treasures of the island.

10. Catch a show at Cinnamon Bay Amphitheater.

Kick back and listen to some live music at the Cinnamon Bay Amphitheater. You can catch a historic play, cultural demonstrations, and many other performances.

This is a guest post contributed by CimmaronStJohn, a provider of St. John vacation villas and condo rentals.

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