Frequently Asked Questions on Branson, MO


Branson, MO is a wonderful place all year long. It’s a unique vacation destination and one that everyone should visit at least once. If you’re thinking of visiting Branson, here are some frequently asked questions about this Ozark town.

Fall Activities to Do in Michigan

The Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Festival, Clarence, New York

Michigan experiences all four seasons, and each Michigan community does a good job when it comes to celebrating them! Check out these activities that you can partake in Michigan in the season of fall.

History of Napa Valley Wine Country

wine country history picture

One might look at Napa Valley in California and wonder how it became to be so popular. According to, Napa Valley has more than 500 wineries and vineyards. A place that is so well known had to come from somewhere with rich historical roots. So, how could a region with the perfect soil and climate for the production of wine get to be? Follow along through this brief history of Napa Valley Wine Country.

Spending a Family Vacation in Groveland, California


If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous family vacation, then Groveland, California may be the hidden gem you’re looking for. Although small in size, Groveland is a hub for families that are traveling to Yosemite, but yet it offers plenty of activities on-site.

Bed & Breakfast FAQ

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Everyone knows what a bed and breakfast is, but not everyone has stayed at one. Usually people pick hotels or motels instead of staying at a bed and breakfast or inn, just because they think hotels are easier than staying at a bed and breakfast. What is it about bed and breakfasts that make people want to stay there? Here is a list of frequently asked bed and breakfast locations.

8 Things to Do in West Michigan

Things to do in west michigan picture

Michigan is a unique place, not just because of the shape of the state either. There are so many different things to do throughout Michigan, and every city has something new to offer. With the benefits of having an upper peninsula and being surrounded by lakes, Michigan is definitely a unique place to visit sometime during your life. Here are 8 things to do in the Western part of Michigan.

What Makes Sante Fe, NM is a Great Family Destination

Viva Mexico_3

When you think of Santa Fe, you think of cowboys and the old west. Although the spirit of the old west is still alive and well in Santa Fe, there are many other fun activities to do presently that the cowboys of days gone by didn’t have the luxury of experiencing.

10 Things to Do Outside of Disneyland That Are Equally as Fun


When people think of Anaheim, California, the first thought that cross their mind is probably a trip to Disneyland. Disneyland is a great family destination. While families can make great memories at Disneyland, Anaheim is also home to many other exciting things to do. We’ve compiled a list of the best alternatives to Disneyland while visiting Anaheim, California.

The Benefits of Lake Vacations

Benefits of Lake Water Picture

Typically, when people think of beach vacations, they tend to think of a vacation located near the ocean. Due to this, people tend to overlook other types of beaches, like lake beaches. What most people do not know is that you can have a beach vacation on lakes as well, and some lakes offer more than an ocean ever could. Here are a few benefits to have your next beach vacation near a lake instead of an ocean.

Be a Tourist in Chicago, IL

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There are many reasons why people love the windy city besides it’s colorful attractions and amazing pizza. According to Learning English, Chicago ranks at the second most popular city to visit in America because of all of the great things it has to offer. Chicago is also home to a lot of famous people like Tina Fey, Chance The Rapper, and Gina Rodriguez. If you ever have the chance to be a tourist in Chicago, then here is a guide of  top touristy things to do in Chicago.